Old Silverstone Mod. 2.0

moving the startline to the pre-2011 position

  1. Millsy24
    This mod can do one of two things.

    1) add a new Silverstone gp (looks identical for now) in the grand prix menu with the changed start/finish straight
    2) replace the new Silverstone start/finish straight with the 2010 version.

    installation is explained in the readme - i spent ages writing this, if you cannot understand it, then maybe i have missed something, but i triple checked, so likely-hood is that you are incapable of installing mods
    (read the readme, its not as harsh as it first appears)

    known issues

    the 2 issues that I know of are that the 2014 pitlane is still used (I am unable to change this, if you know how to please tell me)

    and also the safety car sits on the grid in slot 24 (i think), at all times, you can drive through it though (again if you can fix this, please tell me) i know that the safety car glitch is due to grids.pssg but i cant change this :(
    Milos Ancevski
    future plans
    no future plans
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