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Misc Old Silverstone Mod. 2.0

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Millsy24 submitted a new resource:

old Silverstone mod. - moving the startline to the pre-2011 position

This mod can do one of two things.

1) add a new Silverstone gp (looks identical for now) in the grand prix menu with the changed start/finish straight
2) replace the new Silverstone start/finish straight with the 2010 version.

installation is explained in the readme - i spent ages writing this, if you cannot understand it, then maybe i have missed something, but i triple checked, so likely-hood is that you are incapable of installing mods
(read the readme, its not as harsh as it first...

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Had things gone my way, who knows..
I've fixed the safety car for you, after a long wait :roflmao:

I'll send you the files in PM @Millsy24


Had things gone my way, who knows..
well, if you wanna replace it in career mode:
Get Matt Drummond's 5 additional tracks mod
open the database.bin using EGO database editor
go to the track_model tab, find the column "fullcareer_order", and for the brands row, change that number to what Silverstone was (8 or 9, I think 9), and change Silverstone's number to 0

if you just wanna race there get the 5 additional tracks mod :D


Had things gone my way, who knows..
note that doing this may corrupt your current save game! :thumbsup:

it's possible to change it without corrupting, but a bit harder to do.