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Nordschleife 0.97n

Plecair made a conversion of the famous Nordschleife

  1. Ian Franssen
    Plecair, together with help from other, converted Nordschleife to rFactor 2. Original track by com8.

    First, let me thank the following persons: SPASKIS, Mario Morais, Tosch, Mianiak, Hoover, eth0ne, Richard, Senna12 and likely to be forgetting some.

    There will be likely many updates to it as well, as I learn more and more, I will be improving the textures and objects over time.

    My goal is to have this track shine. Nordschleife is THE track, it deserves respect!

    Nordschleife Guide download link
    (Thanks to Hectari for providing this! Give this a try, it's an amazing in depth review of the track and how to race it)

    Version 0.97l
    (Repositioned trees, moved and removed tree lines, optmized road, curbs, and scenery objects, merging and splitting them into smaller pieces, and optimized the LODs and shadows all around. Further optimization possible with shadow groups and vis groups. Reduced bump amplification on concrete extensions. Reduced dust output on the curbs and concrete a tad further. Might be forgetting stuff as usual :p)

    Version 0.97k
    (new HD guardrails textures, Tosch fixed the background ordering, so the landscape should be matching now. Makes a very nice difference in game anyhow! Thanks to Richard for providing the original guardrail texture.)

    Version 0.97j-1 update to 0.97j
    (40mb, new cam, new panoramic background and shader to bump/spec, new tatoo at track start, 5 saved real road profile, Tosch HDR profile included.)

    Version 0.97j
    (redone all trees, desaturated and darkened grass a tad, smoothed out all fences and guardrails, redone the bump map on the road (turns out I made a mistake and wasnt using the right bump map for the detail map I had. Makes a nice difference. Amongst other things)

Recent Reviews

  1. Bruno_BGP
    Version: 0.97n
    Tks man, this is THE track for real...
  2. sab00000001
    Version: 0.97n
    Best nordschleife ever.
  3. Blob
    Version: 0.97n
    Great Track.
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