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Superleague Formula 9.0 (rfcmp only)

Superleague, Formula, Rfactor2, cars

  1. Ian Franssen
    johnconnor made a conversion of ISI's 2009 Super League Formula.


    Dan Peal
    Gjon Camaj
    Jeremy Miller
    Joe Campana
    John Bayley
    Laurent Evenisse
    Luc Van Camp
    Michael Borda
    Michael Juliano
    Michael Zielinski
    Terence Groening

    3D Artists

    Alexander Borro
    Andreas Neidhardt
    Eugene Faria

    2D Artists

    Daniel Fredrich
    Daniel Senff
    Dennis Schmid
    Florian Gramsch
    Raül M. Gullón
    Shaun Stroud

    rF2 Conversion
    johnconnor [​IMG]

    If you have previous versions installed, first uninstall with modmanager and delete old version from packages folder. Place the new version in the package folder and install with modmanager. To be able to install this mod you need all ISI tracks to be installed with the 1.4x versions.
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