Lienz 0.92

Lienz, Rfactor2, Mario Morais, track

  1. Ian Franssen
    Mario Morais made a conversion of Lienz.
    GRAB_025.JPG ref.JPG trees (1).JPG
    Beta 0.91

    + BillBoard Trees
    + More mesh resolution in road.
    + Fix and some optimizations
    + Wet reflections only in town and pit.

    Beta 0.90

    Conversions to rf2 FEATURES:
    - RealRoad in all roads.
    - grass and gravel
    - update some textures
    - New 360 degrees of horizon of mountains.

    What remains to be done.
    - Road reflections
    - Circuit Night lights
    - BillBoard Trees
    - Optimizations

    The trees are from rf1 version for better looking disable HDR

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