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Nissan Nismo GT3 sound mod 1.6

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This is a sound mod for the Nissan Nismo GT3


Put both files into this directory:

Here a small preview:

For more information vistit Assetto Corsa Forum
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26.4 MB
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4.69 star(s) 16 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Nissan Nismo GT3 sound mod

    update for AC V 1.1.6 with better onboard stereo
  2. Nissan Nismo GT3 sound mod

    Changelog V1.5: -small bugfixes (stuttering and sound cutoff with more cars on track) -volume...

Latest reviews

I dont have any external sounds, any fix ?
Excellent! I was very disappointed with the Kunos sound of this car, it was not realistic unlike the sound I was used to in R3E. But this mod... it captures it's character! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
This is awesome
je les trouves meilleur que se de kunos, excellent travail merci
You must be hired for kunos and show them how make an excellent sound like this one
I like it! However, i would rate it 5 stars if the high revs would have a little more umph and rawness. For example the Alfa 155 DTM by Kunos on how the higher revs raise in volume and get a bit more rawness. So, a little more volume and a bit more piston/combustion "RRRRRRAAH" on the high revs and this would be more than 5 stars. :) But great effort. Thanks!
Nope, dont like this one. Sounds a bit more open, but you lost the character of the orignal sound, that i like, speciallyu on downshifts and that whine is to loud and annoying.
Pure awesome, this one shows the dedication you put into your sound mods. I don't know how Kunos hasn't asked you to do official sounds for them yet...
state of the art work here, fonsecker, ill download it right away when i get home.