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Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 2 1.8

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Part 1 can be downloaded here

Fonsecker Sound Mod Pack 1.6 Part 2:

McLaren F1 GTR
Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 2015
Nissan GTR GT3
Lotus 2eleven GT4
Lotus Exos 125
McLaren MP4-12C GT3
Mercedes SLS AMG GT3
Ferrari P 4/5 Competizione
Pagani Zonda R
Ruf Yellowbird
Shelby Cobra 427sc
-New internal sounds for Mercedes AMG GT3
-small updates on the transmission sounds on almost all cars
-Volume level updates on all cars

-McLaren F1 GTR complete new internal sounds
almost all cars received new tire skid and wind noise sounds and some small volume level corrections


Put all files into the assettocorsa\content\cars folder or replace just the sounds you like.

Recommendet opponent sound level: 0.6-0.7

if u experience stuttering or complete loss of sounds of one or more cars, i recommend changing the max channels in the audio.ini:


U can find the Audio.ini in common\assettocorsa\system\cfg

You can have a look or "ear" at my youtube channel

Latest updates

  1. Update to V 1.8 small updates and enhancements

    This is an update for my sound packs. I have reworked all of my sounds. Changelog for Pack 2...
  2. Updated sounds for AC 1.10

    This time only an update to make my sounds work for AC 1.10 with some small improvements here...
  3. update of the part 2 sound pack

    Changelog: -McLaren F1 GTR complete new internal sounds almost all cars received new tire skid...

Latest reviews

Where do I add MAX_CHANNELS in audio.ini?
All sounds lost , hope u can fix that
Great Mods. Sounds amazing!!
Installed the sound Packs a while ago.
Needed to say every sound is amazing.
Thanks for your work
Oldies but Goodies.
You might find good car sounds on by one BUT there is no such compillation of excellent sounds out there. Except for the other three parts of your master piece :)
THX so much!
Later & Servus, Yours ART FLY
What a sound awesome! I wished you would do the sounds for the r8 gt3 and lamborghini gt3 they are almost the same, i saw them live
great sound
Great, thanks!
Fantastic Job, completes the immersion!
I was looking for a SLS AMG gt3 sound but got so much more Thank you!
Fantastic!!! Thank You!!! :-D
I comment this part of the sound packs but it fits on all of them: They are simply amazing! I am pretty often at racing events at the Nürburgring and I can tell that the sounds are REALLY realistic. Haven`t testet all of them so far, but definetly one of my favorites (in real life, too) is the AMG GT3. It sounds so good, I can´t stop downshifting. :D Awesome job!
Undoubtly awesome, feels so realistic. Just open an Onboard video with good audio and listen to how close they sound
Excellent! Big improvement over some of the default sounds!
Must have mod for this game
Hey Mate , great work . Thanks heaps .
As with the other Fonsecker audio packs, this is a must-have. Massive improvement on stock audio. Almost makes me not want to drive the unmodified cars as their audio pales in comparison!
great work.
To me, proper sounds add so much to the immersion, it's basically an extension of what you see on screen. This is better than Kunos by a mile. I basically refuse to drive without these sounds.

Thanks for the sounds Fonsi, hope you keep going! Excellent stuff!
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