Nicky Grist co-driver for DiRT Rally (teaser) 0.1

DiRT Rally goes back to roots

  1. Palo Samo
    I "invited" the legendary Nicky Grist to be the co-driver in DiRT Rally. We only did recce for Oberstein but there are more stages to come (thus version 0.1 ). He didn't call distances because he felt that he should behave exactly as he did in the original Colin McRae Rally.

    Replace the file 's_cd_panzerplatte_rally_01_fwd.bnk' located in ../DiRT Rally/tracks/locations/germany/panzerplatte_rally_01/fwd/banks/enUS' (or fr/de/it/es if you play in different language) with the one from the package. If you want to go back to original co-driver simply change the language in Steam or backup the file first.

    This mod does not alter physics of the game.

    Obviously I didn't exactly invited Nicky for this project so credits go to Codemasters for Colin McRae Rally (voice samples) and DiRT Rally (awesome game).


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Recent Reviews

  1. heresy666
    Version: 0.1

    This is what I've been waiting for since DiRT rally was launched on Early Access. I guess it won't be possible for Codemasters to actually pay Nicky Grist to do the co-driver, so this is as close as we will get. But it's amazingly done.
    As a constructive suggestion, maybe you should look for Nicky's voice on the other CMR games, to get more complete pacenotes. But I don't know if that's possible.
    I cant wait until you do more stages ! I love this more than I love DiRT Rally.

    12 points out of 10.
    1. Palo Samo
      Author's Response
      CMR samples were easy to get. If someone provides me with more complex set of sounds I'm more than happy to inlude them DR. Either way, I'm glad you like it.
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