Dirt Rally - Polish Co-Driver (teaser) 0.1

Polish pacenotes in DiRT Rally

  1. Palo Samo
    EDIT: There is a new DiRT Rally Custom Pacenotes tool available for download. By default it uses the same co-driver sound samples as below video shows, but uses different (and a lot easier!) method to create your own custom pacenotes. Enjoy!
    SS Oberstein in Polish (Maciek Handwerker). More stages to follow, depending on author's spare time ;)

    Replace the 's_cd_panzerplatte_rally_01_fwd.bnk' file located in ../DiRT Rally/tracks/locations/germany/panzerplatte_rally_01/fwd/banks/enUS' (or fr/de/it/es if you play in different language) with the one from the package. If you want to go back to original co-driver simply change the language in Steam or backup the file first.

    This mod does not alter physics of the game.

    - Maciek Handwerker and Pawel "topdrive" Luczak (voice samples)
    - Codemasters (DiRT Rally)


    (video shows different stage but it shows the co-driver in action)

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Recent Reviews

  1. VaI3rX
    Version: 0.1
    i didn't hear voice
    1. Palo Samo
      Author's Response
      check if you replaced the right file
  2. rafalwrc
    Version: 0.1
  3. versedi
    Version: 0.1
    This is really hopeful, we will see how it will behave on more complex stages (Oberstein is pretty square left, 200, square right 200 so it's not so fast). Some sounds are still untranslated like counting to start, wrong way, etc. but that's not a problem.

    Overall the sync is really good and I think you even added some more detailed comments in few placed. Really nice to drive and bring back memories with RBR :)

    Keep the great job and check your Inbox for PM!
    1. Palo Samo
      Author's Response
      Changing countdown is harder than changing pacenotes.
      For this mod I have only done a translation from Italian as it was easier in terms of time needed. English pacenotes use 4 variations of the same pacenote (voice intonation depending on speed of the car, as far as I know). I know how to create custom pacenotes, but it will be done in form of a tutorial, so anybody can create their own. Look at the video - this and more can be achieved :)
  4. mesa
    Version: 0.1
    Thanks! What a bright future! :) Now we're already able to use different Co-drivers voices for different unsupported languages.
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