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DiRTy Pacenotes is a tool for creating your own customized pacenotes for DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2.0. There are two co-drivers to choose at the moment (Maciek Handwerker(PL) and Nicky Grist(GB)) but more can easily be added (if someone has sound files ready then it only takes a couple of minutes to implement into the app). Unfortunately your custom co-driver will not inform you of any damage to the car.
Upon first launch you need to check if your 'UDP_Server' settings match those from 'Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally (or DiRT Rally 2.0) \hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml'
(change extradata to 3 and udp_enabled to True. Port can be changed to something different if you are using other UDP-enabled software/hardware). Then choose your co-driver, click 'Save and Reload' and you're good to go (you can enter the Settings window later from File menu).
Open pacenotes file from File menu and start creating your pacenotes, typing down the distance and choosing pacenote calls from the list at the bottom. There is now a button for pre-listening pacenote calls.
Or fire up DiRT Rally stage and make the app open the pacenotes file and fill the distance for you as you drive! You only need to choose appropriate pacenote calls and click ADD. The drawback is that the game will pause itself when doing so, but at least you don't have to think about stopping your car to create pacenotes (after all, your co-driver is virtual ;) ). And don't forget to silence original co-driver in game audio options...
Features (as of UPDATE v.2.5):
  • DiRT Rally & DiRT Rally 2.0 support.
  • Two modes of operation: NOTES = no UDP (good for editing pacenotes without the game) and RECCE/STAGE = with UDP (and your co-driver's voice).
  • Pacenote calls timing adjustment: RECCE means that pacenotes will be read at exactly the same distance they were created (which is usually just after a corner, etc.) and in STAGE mode the co-driver will read pacenotes according to timing setting, before a corner, etc.).
  • Automatic stage detection (RECCE/STAGE)
  • Automatic distance input.
  • Autosave (3/5/10 min).
  • Movable pacenote calls tabs (you can change their order permanently in Creator)
  • Co-driver volume adjustment.
  • Insert, Replace, Delete pacenote calls.
  • Various audio formats supported (wav, ogg, mp3).
  • Countdown on start line (limited usability).
This mod can be safely used online (it is a separate app, just like Telemetry Tool).

Big thanks to versedi and T. Hamreus!

Palo Samo
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Latest updates

  1. Patch 1

    There was a problem with loading stages automatically which this patch resolves.
  2. DiRT Rally 2.0 support, various audio file formats support, co-driver creator.

    Changes: DiRT Rally 2.0 support. Pacenotes files for stages are grouped according to locations...
  3. Fighting with bugs.

    Previous upload did not contain bug fix mentioned in the description. I do apologize for the...
  4. Bug Fix

    Fixed bug where the app didn't automatically detect next stage.
  5. DiRTy Pacenotes - Big Update

    Version 2.0 has redesigned GUI and one executable only. Full list of features on main page...

Latest reviews

Idea is great, but I can' t get it work for DR2, can someone explain step by step how to?!?
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
The idea is the samew as for DR1. Make sure you have switched on udp stream in hardwaresettings.xml for DR2.0
Amazing! This is very well made tool.
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
Thank you!
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
Thanks for this plugin, i use it in addition to the original notes for difficult places. Good Job !
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
Thank you and good luck!
Very good, thank You! :)

Could someting like this addon work with "WRC 7" ? What do you think?
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
I don't own WRC 7 so I can't check
Absolutely perfect!! This is what I wanted/needed since I started playing this in EA (early access). Now that I've figured out how to use .csv files, it's even better, currently making finnish pacenotes :)

- very easy to use
- light
- now there is no one but you to blame for bad callouts ;)

- for users like me, first steps might be quite a learning curve, making localized pacenotes. Meaning very noobish in .csv and audio work. But when you get how it's done, all you wonder, why oh why, this is not in basegame :)

Thank you so much for making this!
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
Thank you for your review. I have an idea how to make creating your own pacenotes a lot easier (without messing with csv files) but will have to find time to do it. I will also try and add DiRT4 support :)
Excellent. I love it. Just a question, would it be possible for me to record my own voice and use it for my own pacenotes ?
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
Of course you can! Record your own sound samples in .wav format and follow instructions for creating new co-driver. Good luck!
Well done!
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
Thank you!
Hi! I got finnish sounds, so if i send them to you, can you make finnish pacenotes? I can name them on english if its needed
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
You can send them. Language is up to you and matters only when using Pacenotes Editor (you need to know to which sound the name belongs to). Or you can try and do it yourself (it's very easy - instructions are in the 'co-drivers' folder). Good luck!
Thank you for the post, will you make one in french?
Palo Samo
Palo Samo
If someone can provide sound files and put them in categories, then yes :)