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Natural Mod Filter 7.0

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New glare settings allowing for nice headlight effect without the the shift LEDs looking bad
New About to Rain settings, dark in the morning/evening, a little brighter at noon but overall much darker than Overcast
Limit autoexposure in photomode PP filter




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Definitely last update for a while!
Tweaked and made separate presets for About to Rain and Overcast, see description for what to expect from each.
Added JSGME for easy weather switching (included the default kunos files too)
Uzip to the root of your AC folder, run JSGME to choose weather option (see description for details)
Thick fog version had wrong files before, fixed now
Toned down the low sun hazy effect in the overcast version as it affects too many hours of the day
Disabled Autoexposure in Natural filter, not needed when driving, especially with the colorcurves.ini modifications, its enabled in the photomode filter where its actually useful
Small fix for godrays in photomode filter
Tweaked overcast mod - now more like about to rain, will include both in next version
Fixed the sunny fog colour (no more stupid green)
Small tweak to low sun ambient (was a bit too red before, now more golden)
Included thick fog option for the overcast option
Added Photomode PP filter with shallow DOF and bokeh effect for taking screenshots (remember to switch back to normal PP after using). Try different FOVs to see how bokeh effect changes

Small tweaks to colorcurves.ini - noticed some abnormalities in the virtual mirror (which doesnt use PP) so ironed those out.
Minor rebalancing, low sun ambient light made warmer
Overcast version:
fixes for odd sun colour
improved balance of sun/ambient
a few more clouds
forgot to add latest version with balanced sun and ambient for overcast daytime hours
Hazy in morning/evening, grey and cloudy in daytime
reduced the need for autoexposure, by increasing ambient light with low sun, which mimics the dynamic range of the eye quite well. as a result autoexposure range reduced so it should be impossible to notice now but will make small adjustment if there is a significant change in brightness. leave a comment if you find a track/car/time combo that the exposure/autoexposure transitions are still an issue on.

note: this inevitably won't look as good for screenshots during evening/morning, as overall contrast will probably be lower, but obviously that wasnt the goal of this mod

adjusted fog which got left out of previous update.
reduced cloud speed (kunos went a bit overboard with this for some reason)
small tweak to fog distance, can see further now but not so far that the low res far track elements are in your face
tiny tweak to saturation and glare
Rebased weather1.ini and colorcurves.ini on 1.0 versions. New version of weather1.ini adjusted the skybox and cloud speed, but made cloud colour a bit dark, so tweaked to get the looking white again.

Reduced min exposure slightly and changed heat shimmer to 1.0 filter values.