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Natural Graphics Mod 3.9.3

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The best. Thank you.
There are really good filters and then, there is Natural Graphics mod.
Fantastic work
The first PPFilter I tried out and after several other ones, this is still my choice!
very good!
TOP. I use Natural mod for years.
Big improvement with my linked Oculus Quest! Thanks for making this filter
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
thanks for the feedback!
Your filter gives a lot of realism to this sim. Love it.
I just feel that, sometimes, sun rays get too intense and distracting
Thank you
I followed your instructions ( as I have Sol and CSP) and it works like a dream, and works so well, thank you for your work on this
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it!
Beautiful, I prefer real natural PP anyway over camera effects filled view, so I love this :) using CSP only, and didn't get any performance drops on my not so great setup
This was and still is the best pp filter for VR. Thanks again for the update!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the feedback! If you are using anything other than rift cv1, I'd be interested to know
Thanks, that's a big improvement for VR
Natural_Mod_Sol , work perfect, thanks my friend for update filter custom shadows, thanks and good luck!!!
the best
By screenshots, do you mean photos taken in the photo mode in replays or is it an app added by the mod?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
The former
still my favourite filter after trying many, works perfectly with sol 1.4 btw in case someone asks (night too)
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the review, I shall give it a try with sol!
So i can use this for casually practice and online?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Yep no conflicts
Most realistic look in VR by far. Only after installing Sol (which IMO looks bad with common weather types in comparison) did i really start to appreciate your work.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the feedback. I've been playing with sol as it's got all the night stuff, will see if I can get a similar look with peters weather but with a custom filter
The best graphics mod by far :Sol by itself doesn't look too good so i use natural graphics mod and everything seems complete
Loving the mod but curious if it is compatible with SOL? I love me some night driving.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Sorry no, too much development in that stuff for me to keep up with. Might do a filter once it's final
Vive Pro+rtx 2080ti+i7 8086k = stable 90fps all day all night + really pretty image !!
How have you managed to make the last photo of the mclaren so realistic?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
ask user MeMyselfAndI, magician!
What road is that McLaren on I would like to drive it on Sunday, awesome work!!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
I think its called "islands"
Looking crisp !!!
Thanx for your great work.

For me this hint of you was very useful:

"if you are using VR then selecting the default ppfilter should work if you installed the mod correctly."

I am racing on a Sierra MAC Pro 5,1 / Win10 BootCamp / GTX770 4GB / TrinusVR / SteamVR / AC / PSVR setup. Your Mod runs without any disadvantage in fps !!!!!!! :)

Later, Servus,
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Interesting setup!
I went against you and used the Photomode HC for regular driving and set to 250% exposure and used settings SATURATION=0.90, BRIGHTNESS=0.95, CONTRAST=1.02, COLOR_TEMP=6350, WHITE_BALANCE=6425. I will play with these settings more but, wow, finally I can drive and get bright sunlight and darker shadowed areas without the "overbrightness/overdarkness" that plagues the default settings despite some improvements over the history of the gasme's official updates. Still there's only so much you can do with 8-bit panels, but it's better than before. I kind of lucked out on discovering this improvement.
very nice thanks
Question: does Natural Weather work online? And Clouds?
Question: if i set weather to ideal in CM and i choose default PP filer, is that the right way to use this mod?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
ideal conditions = always clear weather, so you only see one of the 7 sets, thats up to you.

if you are using VR then selecting the default ppfilter should work if you installed the mod correctly. if you are using monitor then you should select natural_mod
It does what it says on the tin - it makes everything look natural. Thank you.