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My Summer Car (Stock GT with 10K)

My Summer Car (Stock GT with 10K) 03-01-20

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IMPORTANT: Remove your meshsave file when installing or replace the whole folder

Everything has been bought and the car has been inspected! All parts are in the garage waiting for you to fit them! Except radar buster 3000 which is in the present in the main bedroom

Install into users/(your username)/AppData/LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car
If you can't find AppData type %APPDATA% into the search bar in the bottom toolbar

EDIT: You guys are the best. Over 8 000 downloads!! Helping out the community is the reason I'm doing this so thank you for your support.

(Have a look at some other work I've done: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/mooks45.635778/ )

version 21-11-19 onwards:

Latest updates

  1. Added dual exhaust and antenna to garage

    Added dual exhaust and antenna to garage
  2. Now a stock Satsuma GT!!

    I have decided to make the big change and turn the car into a satsuma gt for everyone to enjoy!
  3. Now supports new update

    Forgot to add GT wheels

Latest reviews

can't find the license plate, and the mudflaps
other than that, made perfectly and sorted out really well
well I cant find my licence plates where is the exact location please :) and I don't want to be paying fines every time i get on the highway
Where are the side skirts?
Excellent save! Everything is prepared to use. Everything is organised.
cool save
The save is amazing. I love the presentation of everything too. There is just one thing, every time I change anything(I think. I changed suspension, hood and radiator) and I head off to test the car. It works fine for the first minute or so and then the engine explodes.
That could be the stock radiator... if there is water coming out before it explodes try changing it to the upgraded radiator
when i press begin to start thr game it doesnt start so thats why only 1 star
I have fixed this in the new update
wtf satsuma can not start FACK
That's really weird because I just downloaded the save and played on it and the car started
only 2 stars unless you can help cuz when I try to go outside the doors are locked...lol so if you can help 5 stars
That's really weird because I just downloaded the save and played on it and the doors are unlocked
I can't believe I found this! I've been needing a save exactly like this. Thank you for making this!
Glad you found it!
i like this save because you can make a car what you like easily
Hi, creator how i can get mods when this is on the game and where is satsuma?
uhhh... the satsuma is in the garage...
Today i was in need to use any save of this game, cause my satsuma got totally bugged and was jumping straight into the sky all the time and i choose this one... This save is just great, i felt like in heaven when i entered garage :D Hope that you will update it every time when MSC get updated too. Thanks for ur time putting all this things in places and giving us fully working satsuma, its really helpful for people that have play many hours and suddenly bug appeard or something and all this time was wasted. Thank you :D
Well that's the plan! Glad you didn't have any issues
The car won't start not even a sound when i put the ignition in or when i turn it and i checked it and it seems fine but it just dead
interesting because I've never had that problem but a mate did
I have question. Where is Radar Buster 3000
well i have 1 word AWESOME
i dont need to wait a decade to teimon call me for my parts from
catalogue because all parts are in the garage
The oilfilter is loose, you also need to add some oil.
This is a great save game, if your a person who likes putting on the car parts without having to build an engine, this is the one I would recommend, But I do have a question? where is the boat?, I couldn't find it at the house.
Sorry boat is at cottage I'll fix it when a new update comes out or when school holidays come
good save.
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