1. B

    My Summer Car Save Gave 1.0

    Satsuma is fixed and ready 2 go, inspection is done but I don't know how long licence will last, wasp nests are killed, some aftermarket and GT parts are installed (shown on screenshots). You have 4k money and GIFU is at the Tiemo Shop, I bought sausages and milk and went to grandma so You have...
  2. F

    Msc Slightly Modded (basically stock) 16.9.21

    The car is slightly modded everything you need to know will be in the notebook infront of you as you spawn in,if you want a certain game save,just comment it and ill start working on it,donations would be much appreciated but not necessary,its not perfect so dont expect perfect
  3. AnderW

    Fresh Built New Satsuma AMP 1.0

    Satsuma Inspected! -Registered car- Aftermarket Racing Flywheel - OWNED and INSTALLED! -makes shifting gears smoother - lighter- Ratchet set - OWNED in car boot! - better than "Spanner set" - Wide Steel Rims - OWNED and INSTALLED with Gommer Gobra tires! - Stock Rims but more DEEP lookin! -...
  4. K

    MSC SaveGame with GTParts and all Tuning Parts 1.0

    My first SaveGame for MySummerCar Money: Unlimited 80 beercases 200 bottles Booze 100 bottles Kilju about 300 packages of cigarettes Enough Food in the fridge All Tuning Parts bought All GTParts for the Satsuma Gifu and Van are in front of the House Satsuma was already tuned and repaired by...
  5. T

    car assembled and inspected (+100k markaa) 1.0

    this is my own save from current experimental branch (it maybe be older by right now): car is assembled car is new and completely stock(100% wear in the engine(stock battery and filter installed edited to factory settings) car is inspected food in the fridge items and materials (oil, oil filter...
  6. Mooks45

    My Summer Car (Stock GT with 10K) 03-01-20

    IMPORTANT: Remove your meshsave file when installing or replace the whole folder Everything has been bought and the car has been inspected! All parts are in the garage waiting for you to fit them! Except radar buster 3000 which is in the present in the main bedroom Install into users/(your...