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Multimatic Mazda Livery Update for the RSS IMSA DPi Mod - #55 and #77

Multimatic Mazda Livery Update for the RSS IMSA DPi Mod - #55 and #77 1.0

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Here is a complete livery overhaul for the RSS Modding Group Mazda Motorsport RT-24P DPi. This is the current set of IMSA designs as the cars are now Mazda Motorsports and are run by Multimatic not the Joest Operation.

I wanted to do an update and bring the quality up a notch and also use the new RF2 shaders to try and replicate the Soul Red colour on the #55 a little better.

The Mazda is available on Steam Workshop from here the other RSS Modding Group IMSA cars are available also if you do a quick search.

Please note that I have done my best to replicate the cars as best I can but the overall design of the real life cars has changed quite a bit. The model used is based upon the SpeedSource/Prototype display car and therefore the body panels are slightly different now.
  • Complete re-work of the liveries at a much higher resolution
  • Both the #55 and #77 re-done in this package
  • All new vector based logos used for the best quality
  • Full usage of the new shader system on RF2, matt, gloss and satin effects on various parts of the cars using region maps
  • Racesuits and helmets done of the team drivers. Not 100% accurate on the helmet designs but close enough to two of them and better than plain grey or black.
  • The glass has been re-done with new masks as the originals didn't match the updated car.
  • Small details like the headlight covers on the current car are now smoked rather than clear, tear off tabs on the windscreens.
The package comes in two install styles.
  1. A .RFCMP Package file that you can install using the RF2 Installer. The cars will then appear with the other Mazda's in the vehicle chooser.
  2. An alt.MAS file of each car, which you can drop into the custom livery folder if you wish to use the car this way.
I haven't done a RFCMP file package before but I have tested this a few times and it installed ok but let me know in the comments below if you have problems, otherwise feel free to use the alt.MAS drop in file option.

Hope you enjoy the update and have fun with this great mod!

P.S. I don't mind this livery being used for leagues, etc. but please don't claim it as your own work if you do. I've had a few of my designs ripped off and claimed as their own and it's not very polite, thanks again and have fun :)


Latest reviews

Fantastic skins! Never stop challenging! Go Mazda!
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper
Thanks mate, glad you like them. Fingers crossed for that 2020 title! :)
Thank you for a nice job.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper
Thanks mate, hope you enjoy using the update :)
Great work and thank you very much.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper
Hiya, thanks for the feedback and glad you like my work :)
Looks great thanks for the hard work
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper
Thanks mate , glad you like it :)
Andrew Harper
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