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Race Department Entry  - URD Arthur Merlin (Aston Martin)

Race Department Entry - URD Arthur Merlin (Aston Martin) V1.2

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My entry for the RD livery competition in 2017.

Skin is for the Arthur Merlin GTE car as part of the URD GT mod.

The skin files are 4k in texture size and include the body, windows, rear wing, a basic driversuit (replaced in v1.2 with finished version) and a few other files so the livery folder can be installed and used straight away.

Please see version 1.2 details for complete finished team pack :)

Just drop the folder into the other folders where the liveries for this car live and you should see it in game no problem! :thumbsup:

I'll probably make a few updates over time but this is pretty much finished.




Latest updates

  1. 2k Version, Added racesuits, crewsuits, helmet, and detail changes

    Version 1.2 Update Firstly many thanks to those of you that have downloaded my design, here's...
  2. Added gloss map for bodywork.

    Added in gloss map file for bodywork. So carbon for example is now more matt like. Different...

Latest reviews

just brilliant skin
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it :)
Andrew Harper
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