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MSTuner 0.91

No permission to download
i wanted to give this a try but sadly its out of date and just keeps throwing errors. plz update
MSC loader just says it throw too many errors.Please UPDATE...
I know this is a great mod but it is currently broken! MSC loader just says it threw too many errors. Please update
it was working before but now it doesn't work the mod loader unplugs it for some reason and i can't do anything with it
Why doesn't it work?
At my game it's working. Fine! AWD 1.5 power i love this thing.
Was Working. Right Now, I am Constantly Reinstalling the mod and restarting msc but it isnt working.
How to i open the menu?
It's good, but not all of NPC's cars you can do divable(Ricochet, EDM, etc) and this is bad
Very nice.
I hope that we can drive the Amis Cars too. This would be very nice. Thanks for the work!
its ok but i want the crimson car at the dance hall driveable and yellow car guy's car driveable
Perfect! It is amazing!
Works well enough to have fun only issue is i the power mult. and gear ratio changer dont work on the satsuma
very great mod and please make fittan drivable with keyboard its turnings are very bad and please make evry car drivable update it now!
does anyone know how to use this? ,like keybinds and stuff. and an how to use the mouse when i have to click hings because it will just move the camera and nothing else i cant click anything.
its a great mod! but only problem is when I try to change power multiplier in vehicles like gifu, hayosiko, satsuma, and I think the tractor, it will work until it hits a certain rpm and then resets.
also fittan steering is all the way to the left, in the middle, or all the way to the right.
and for those of you who are having problem with no interior, sound, or steering wheel for fittan. you have to:
1. teleport it to you so it renders sound steering wheel etc.
2.make vehicle drivable or spawn drivable copy at player
3.toss real fittan (if you have grab anything) into space.
4. have fun?
everytime i press esc the menu opens and i cant close it if i press ctrl c it will close but my menu freezes! pls help
Pretty good, I know why you cant use the tractor, it's called clutch slip.. So rip the tractor, I like this mod for tuning!
The mod is meh, also Fittan is terribly made
1. It has no seats
2. It has no sounds
3. It's hard to control
Power multiplier in tractor doesn't work, same for hayosiko
welp, that's why im giving only 3 stars
Very good mod! But the fittan is very hard to controll, is there any way to fix it?
its great, and does everything it claims to do, however i am having issues, (im sure im the only one having them) is there somewhere i can ask you a few questions please?
Power Multiplier doesnt work for me
it is fun but it wont work with cheatbox
Very nice mod, but i do not see satsuma in the menu and i can't select it to do any changes, i have 1366x768 resolution and that's the highest resolution and that is a problem.I think the mod is only for 1920x1080 and higher but what when you haven't that resolution?
The mode does not work the reason when changing any function ana revoking back!
i just wish the fittan would work
its got no steering wheel no sound and no seats
i cant see the fittan so its a little annoying but it seems pretty cool
keep on working on it
make a video on how to make all ai cars driveble
just doesnt work