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Motorsport Manager Custom Mod (part two) V1.0

A customisable Mod for all

  1. Louka81
    F1 2017 Customisable Mod (Part Two)

    Let's be honest!
    • Not everybody likes to play online! :ninja:
    • Not everybody likes to be forced to use a patch that does more harm than good! :mad: *Blue Flags! Cough! Cough!
    • Not everybody like the mods they use 100% and wishes they could change a file or two! :geek:
    • Not everybody likes to have to make a choice between conflicting mods :confused:
    Well... I have done nothing special or unique... BUT...

    This mod simply gives you some base files, Instructions and the programmes necessary to build your own custom Motorsport Manager Mod.

    Download both Part one and Part two to your desktop for example
    Extract the files and you should have a folder containing everything

    ***I can't be responsible for your ability to mod files, export or import files successfully, so please don't bombard me with questions, but I will of course help as much as possible or perhaps you could help each other!***

    Good luck and have fun modding! :thumbsup:


    And I will be providing updates to this mod in the shape of improved or new files.
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    Version: V1.0
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    Version: V1.0
    very usefull mod, helps to make favorable changes in this exellent game!