F1 2018 (Part Two)

F1 2018 (Part Two) V1.53

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***Motorsport Manager 2018***​
  • F1 2018
  • F2 2018
  • F3 2018
  • Blancpain GT Pro-Am Cup 2018
  • Blancpain GT Am Cup 2018
  • WEC LMP1 2018
  • WEC LMP2 2018
  • Over 250 real drivers
  • Over 100 real sponsors
  • Over 25 authentic part suppliers with logos
  • Real media outlets and journalists
  • FIA and Pirelli Logos
  • Authentic race calendars
  • 50 real track names
  • Team videos
  • Championship videos
  • Uncensored radio dialogue
  • All team staff are as accurate as can be for the single seater series
  • Some minor tweaks to stats (Drivers, Mechanics, etc.)
  • Some minor tweaks to overall game balance (HQs, Parts, Traits, Sponsors, etc.)
  • No Portraits as I felt the game starts to look weird when real pictures mix with cartoon pictures
  • No liveries as TBH I couldn’t be bothered
***Install Instructions***​
  • Place the steam files in this location:
  • Motorsport Manager\MM_Data\Modding
  • Place the asset file in this location:
  • Motorsport Manager\MM_Data
*As always back up your original file before overwriting with any mod.

  • For those without steam, make sure to switch on "Test Mods" in the steam workshop menu :ninja:
  • Promotions have been switched off (to change this go to the “championship” file and change all values to “TRUE”)
  • No major balancing was done as I wanted to keep it as close to the original game as possible.
  • I have no interest in GT or Endurance racing so please excuse the lack of effort on that part.
  • Made alone with free software and limited time, so excuse the quality in some parts!
  • Lastly! Nothing special as a mod, so please don't expect miracles :thumbsup:
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243.1 MB
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bug fix

    Misspelt main driver name
  2. Updated to latest version of MM

    Made on and works with Motorsport Manager V1.53 + all DLCs
  3. Final big update

    See the Overview of Part One :thumbsup:
  4. The correct Files

    Nothing new, except the fact I'm uploading the correct files which should have been uploaded in...
  5. Major Bug Fix Plus Extra Content

    Broken - Bugged

Latest reviews

It works excellent
Hi, how can I enable "Test Mode" in Steam Workshop menu?
not working, crashing.
don´t work
Finally great mod
Cheers, thank you :-)
Awesome mod, only missing liveries and a few different car models. Overall great Job!
Yeah sorry about no liveries. Really just didn't have the time resources for that. But thanks for the honest review :-)
Great work, thx
Cheers thank you :-)
This idea with the tracks is still unique and the best MOD in this area! Also the adjustment of the standard graphics files is currently unique with all MODs! Very well implemented and successful.
So So Good! Impressive.