Admin + Tyre + Track Name Combo Mod V.3

All three mods combined

  1. Louka81
    ***Compatible with Game Version 1.41 and 1.42 beta patch***

    This small asset mod contains the Admin mod, Tyre mod and Real Track Name mod all-in-one!

    So no more Brutus/Cortes, GMA and Guildford.

    ***Installation instructions***

    • Download the small file attached
    • Unzip it to your desktop
    • Copy and paste it to this location - \Steam\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Motorsport Manager\MM_Data
    • Start your game and enjoy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Danielsoares90
    Version: V.2
    eu não sei como e o mod minha versão e compatível mas não quer entrar no jogo aparece tela preta e sai outra pergunta e se tem nomes dos pilotos se não.... você tem algum mod pra trocar os nomes dos pilotos com essa versão?? 1.41
    1. Louka81
      Author's Response
      Go to Steam where there are plenty of Mods or download my custom mod and extract the Driver's and Team's files only
  2. Logstor
    Version: V.2
    Great work with this mod!
    There's only one thing, and that is the Nurnberg is spelled "Nurberg" xD
    1. Louka81
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)

      The Norisring in Nürnberg or The Nürburgring in Nürburg!

      You choose ;-)
  3. DanishSteelRacing86
    Version: V.2
    Great Work
  4. KCreaper31
    Version: V.2
    Patch is a bit buggy in version 1.41.
    1. Louka81
      Author's Response
      Your "Bug" has been fixed!
  5. Capp
    Version: V.2
    handy patch, makes it more realistic
  6. SDRFormula1
    Version: V.2
    Cool!! Can you do a Formula E mod?
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