McLaren-Honda MP4/4

McLaren-Honda MP4/4 1.3

No permission to download
Good car, but you changing in some forums the images to horror gore to avoid downloading directly is miserable.
It has fixed/removed by admins of this pirate/illegal forum and the member of the team that did this action has been warned that we are not accepting to kind of behavior.
Made sure to test it out before I placed a review...and, OMG! This was an amazing model guys...will be posting a video soon.
Great work! Thanks for update and sharing!
You guys are delivering great products at great pace! 2017 is going to be awesome :D
thanks dude :) stay tune .. at the end of next week a new car in beta stage will be released... a other 2007 car.. thats all i can say :P
Omg these guys a truly amazing!
Excellent mod. I think that the tires are too dark, they should be a little bit more shiny and the red of the livery should be more like this:
ANOTHER PERFECT SHARE..! waiting more ASR cars
euhh.. we are not ASR, we dont convert rfactor models to ac..
Great mod really love it, BUT that turbo sound whistling part(when it dumps`?) it really ruins the car thats a sound suited for new turbocars. please remove
Pouvoir "piloter" la F1 d'Alain Prost ! Voilà qui comble un grand vide dans Assetto Corsa , et pour les amateurs de FI qui se pilotent au talon-pointe . Merci !
Bravo! The sensations are fantastics.
Absolutely incredible mod. The level of detail is quite something else... sounds are really impressive and quite a beast to tame :)
Amazing mod Thanks!!
Thank you so much for this update, I really like this awesome mod ! ;-)
Thank You!!
superb, thanks
Thanks !
Thank you

Assetto Corsa - F1 VRC - McLaren-Honda Mp4-4 V.1.1 @Barcelona GP T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit)

Assetto Corsa - F1 VRC - McLaren-Honda Mp4-4 V.1.1 @Barcelona GP T500RS 60FPS (TV-Cam)
Incredible work! To animate the individual wing parts when changing angle in setup is brilliant. You want to see the difference and with this car we can. Thank you so much!
Badass and thank you for being so fast.

Many Thanks for the update guys.
Wonderful work, many thx for this mod
I wanted to take my time before reviewing to make sure my impressions were consistent. And they were. This car is a rewarding, challenging experience that keeps me engaged and sincerely, the only reason I currently have to keep Assetto Corsa.

The precision the car can have on corner entry. The sound giving me the feedback (though downshifting isn't always audible), and the very sharp textures to make it very pleasant to the eye. Very high quality work. I look forward to more future works and hopefully same-season competitors.
Wow amazing mod guys ! and the animation on the light switch :) freaking badass !!!!!!!
Hey Guys!
Really a Great Job!! This mod is more good than every other mod or normal Kunos Car!!! Well DONE!!!
For this car i made a little Trailer, i hope you like it :)
awesome, brilliant.
You guys are talented, no doubt about that.
If i may ask, could we have an other F6 view?
we have a camera view on the right side of the car, where we can see, right front tyre, the wheel and the left side of the driver's helmet.
can we have the same F6 camera view on the other side , the left one ? (like they did on asrformula mods)
or may be, explained to me how to change it myself.
thanks for this great great job
This car is my asbolute FAVORITE.(I'm a senna's fan) I could delete all my other cars and still play AC as much as I do now. At first it was really hard to drive but then i took time to get a hold on the behavior of the car, and it's just amazing. My only complaint, where's all the real drivers? Get this mod and start servers or join one with this mod !!!

Thanks for the amazing work Guys!!
Awesome mod!
nice mod but can you make the wind noise come on earlier, you get close to 300 before hearing it.

and like the previous user says the driver has the size of a little kid :)
In VR the scale of the driver and cockpit is too small. It looks like a skinny boy is driving a toy car. Need to use the Tatuus as reference for correct scale.
Finally :) I don't think that there is anything wrong with this mod. It is just awesome. Model is nice, especially cockpit is beautiful. Can not wait till I'll finally do lap under 1'30 at 1988 Monaco, so incredible. Handling is superb. Comparing to 98T it is really there, it handles better, but still needs that kind of respect (extreme concentration) as Lotus. Sound is very high quality and nice, I just wonder if it is raw enough, that being said I know nothing about sound and 9/10 cars doesn't sound raw enough for me, also those real onboard videos has poor quality sound, which can make them sound much less clean, hard to judge. In conclusion - this is MP4/4, which I'll be driving, thank you :)

P.S. where are the laptimes at 1988 Monaco in RSR app, c'mon people !
5 star! for incredible job, I can not wait for other projects...
Very well done in visuals and physics. And thank you for add others teams's skins of 1988 season.
great car
Really high quality mod, clearly massive amounts of effort and passion has gone into this, so well done all involved!

Really brilliant car to look at, modelling and shader word all look amazing given AC's limits (love the front springs have been modelled, even though they are not visible). A lot of really subtle details many won't notice, but are nice to see :)

Physics are great too, though I probably wouldn't have put 'steer assist' in the setup menu, since its not really assisted steering, just a way to help avoid clipping for high downforce cars (0.7-0.8 seem like a good number to me, 1.0 is only for non-downforce cars).

Awesome to drive, though I found the sounds not 'bad' as such, just a departure from most other sounds I'm used to in AC, especially the tyre squeal which took me by surprise! Again, not bad or wrong, just a bit different. Could be a bit more aggressive and loud, right now its all a bit sanitary and clean.

Anyway, amazing job, everyone involved should be proud! :D
This is extremely well done, so much detail, and so much fun. I already can't wait for the MP 4/5!
Hey guys awesome Mod, a question this MP4 / 4 is the one that was being done by Sam Alonso, Mati Sala, Misterbeam etc on AC Forum?
TEMPLATE i want a template, 5 star job, planning on making any others????
Really awesome mod, I love the attention to details, the shaking mirrors, the light switch animation, it's obvious wherever you look that huge amount of work went into this. I didn't have the time to do extensive testing yet, but physics also seem very polished and believable.

Two extremely minor flows I noticed: some of the shaders could use a bit of love (mostly the shiny metal ones), and the tyre sounds seem a bit feeble. Other than that, absolutely superb!
Little Info ::
The Front and Rear wings move depending of how you set them (anims)

For the Tyres Compounds ::

E=Qualifying Compound (2 laps and they are dead)
D=Soft Compound
C to A = Hard Compound (C is the softest hard, A the hardest)
Amazing! The external sound seem a bit weak, but everything else is great!
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