McLaren-Honda MP4/4

McLaren-Honda MP4/4 1.3

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the best f1 all time.
awesome mod
game does not open why?
This car is one of my all time favorites, and in VR its the closest i'll get to being sat in one. Great work guys
Car looks and sounds amazing. I haven't gotten super good at driving it yet, but it feels like a slightly more predictable, refined version of the Lotus 98T.
This is one awesome mod for AC. Being a fan of Senna's, I hoping to find one of his McLaren's for the game & I wasn't disappointed. Love that awesome V6 Turbo Charged bellow. If only modern V6's in F1 sounded like this.
I used the MP4/4 in one of my recent video's as a tribute to Senna. Many thanks for creating this stellar mod.
The very best mod in AC, hands down. The best car to drive. Thank you and well done
best Mp4/4 for Acc hands down i've tried a few others and none compare to this. great work as usual by the Vrc team.
Great car, great mod, many thanks for the iconic F1 car
Amazing mod
So great to drive this brilliant mod!
Amazing mod of this legendary F1 car!

From wikipedia:-
"1988 was an almost embarrassing walkover for McLaren, who took 15 victories from 16 races, including ten 1-2 finishes, while Prost finished 1st or 2nd in the 14 races he finished (he had 2 retirements - Britain and Italy). The car also sat on pole position in 15 of the 16 races (including a record 13 poles for Senna), locked out the front row in 12 races and also set 10 fastest race laps."
Just amazing, to bad I got AC+this mod just these days, it makes me look to a new angle to this F1 era and get more respect for these drivers :).

Very great job and others cars/teams skins is a nice idea, I like the yellow Camel Lotus, remember the Tamiya model kit.
Extremely well done! True VRC quality.
Minor nitpick could be that chassis differences stored as separate cars, but unlike with MP4/22 they are more significant, so a similar solution is out of the question.
Absolutely love this car. Best mod ever
Absolutely amazing mod, fun and challenging to drive!
monstrueuse la voiture
Masterpiece!!! Thank you!
Great mod, thank you!
Only gripe are the tyre's are a bit too black
A really great car! One of the more demanding cars available for AC. But what exactly does "Steering Assist" do in the settings? I can't really notice a difference. And what boost level does the AI use during a race? 80?
Cant stop driving this one ...great work just loving it.
great mod!! thanks
The mod is fantastic. I think that the tyre skid sound is too low, though. I often lock wheels and only realise it by looking at them, without noticing the audio feedback.
Nice Mod. Better than MAK-Corp. Unfortunately the turbo wastegate sound is of an Audi S1 Group-B.

Sound, Look & Feel so good
Just amazing all around. There is nothing edgy. Thanks a lot for this!!!
Thank you so much to do your best and... our great pleasure ! ;-)
one word, WOW!!
fantastic physics, sound, looks... super polished mod 5/5, but I want my brand logo car selection screen CLEAN and not a mod crew logo among all the manufacturer badges. Uninstalled the car again because of the incoherence and waste of screen-space, sorry. Because others might not care, I'm stilling giving you a 4/5. even if it's unusable for me personally.
Many thanks
I dont know if this is happen only to me. Try to drive this car on Spa, lack of grip on Eau Rouge and Blanchmont. The car suddenly lose grip and I cant recorver for a spin. Ive already made a time of 1:56:1 on Lotus 98t on Spa, and think this is easier than just try to stay on track with this mod.
Already seen some previews on your website, I bet your future releases will be even more awesome than this one.
Really gotta manhandle this beast with 0 steer assist, loving it!
Blown away by everything, the driver animation when turning the light on????? really??? that sort of detail??? NUTS
Thank You!!
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