McLaren-Honda MP4/4

McLaren-Honda MP4/4 1.3

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VRC Modding Team is proud to announce the release of the McLaren-Honda MP4/4 from the 1988 season. After over one year of development and improving with each Assetto Corsa updates....the car is finally out !

Driven by the frenchman Alain Prost "The Professor" and the brazilian legend Ayrton Senna, the MP4/4 won 15 of the 16 races that season. The only race they didn't win was Monza, Ayrton Senna won his first of three world championship with this amazing car.

Powered by a Honda RA168-E, 1.5liters V6 Twin-Turbocharged producing around 685BHP and with a good lowline chassis inspired from Murray' Brabham BT55 1986 when he was chief designer at Brabham, make this car one of the most dominant in Formula One history.

The mod contains :: 4 chassis upgrades used during the season by Prost and Senna + 12 liveries (Imola to Adelaide), 6 Bonus skins Ferrari,Lotus,Benetton and Williams (can be found with the R04 chassis upgrade). New driver cockpit rainlight animation (first car to have this anims), Moving wings and more...

For the Tyres Compounds ::

E=Qualifying Compound (2 laps and they are dead)
D=Soft Compound
C to A = Hard Compound (C is the softest hard, A the hardest)
V1.3 Changelog (also in the new readme pdf)

- Renamed Skins folders.
- Renamed KN5 + Lods.ini.
- New Skin add in R04 Skins Folder (12_Senna_R01).
- Fixed Marlboro Color (25% more orange in).
- Fixed Shell and GoodYear logos size on the FWing.
- Fixed AO Skin map RWing area + Nose.
- Fixed Shell Logo size on the sidepods.
- Physics Update (Aero + Blown Diffuser added).
- New previews due to new color, logos modification, AO and because of the new skin.
- Tyres shader improvement (less darker).
If you like the mod, want to support the team or for future mods, you can consider the possible to donate here or on the website.

You can visit our website for future project, annoucement and more.

Thank You, :)
From all the team members

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  1. VRC | McLaren-Honda MP4/4

    VRC Modding Team is proud to announce the release of the McLaren-Honda MP4/4 from the 1988...

Latest reviews

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I rarely leave reviews on this site because the majority of mods are of a quality that needs no explanation, they simply work. Contrary to the previous statement, this vehicle does not work. Putting aside the questionable sounds and model, the car handles like an open-wheeled drift car that somehow has infinite levels of grip, until it suddenly doesn't and snaps into a monumental spin. If this previous statement confused you, read the following explanation.

Imagine you are driving one of the VDC cars (drift cars), but you add around 5000 ft/lbs of downforce and slick tires as wide as a house that somehow gain angle with no progression. I highly doubt that late 80's F1 cars had better slick tires than modern F1 cars, because the grip is too much, and too peaky.

NOTE: Please take extra care into noticing that this car is not listed on the VRC Website. There's a reason for that.
Awesome Addon It's Beautiful!!. Ok so for all those people who aren't able to drive it well you have to add the custom driver in AC files Then go to content then driver and copy that file to Assetto Corsa then content and then driver and then add the file in the driver and do not go to any other file in driver section or it won't work.
If you want to drift, you can download it. Definitely not a formula.
When I try to make a time trial, it kicks me to the menu, the car doesnt load
VR. HPReverb.
So nice to drive this. 5/5
super good thanks you for wallpaper
works fine, car is super thanks
ive been trying all different ways to download this mod and it just wont work. i want to run it so bad. does anyone know what im doing wrong? it says error cant find lods.ini
whenever I load the car for a race it just says unexpected error and just takes me back to the menus. Any way of fixing this???????? But besides that the looks are good
i have installed the drivers and the font but it still just sends me back to the launcher can someone help me
how do u download and set up
Just Fantastic - turbo spool up and the the lag its all there - thank you
Nice but you have to copy driver and fonts directory, not just car one
everytime i try to download a vrc mod it pens in notepad? only vrc, has anyone got an answer why
It's just perfect... much appreciated!!
Huuge Senna fan. Thanks soo much for this mod, it´s amazing!
great mod of a great car . thx
Just perfect. A must have car. Thank you so much.
"Must have" MOD
the best f1 all time.

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