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Lotus 100T Tobacco Edit 1.1

Lotus 100T Tobacco

  1. tankracer
    Good afternoon,

    This is my third attempt at a different skin edit, this time its for the Lotus 100T featuring the original Camel sponsors.

    This sponsor is placed on both sides of the rear wing and both sides of the cockpit.

    This is not 100% spot on as the camel sponsor is still missing on the upper nose section and the actual camel logo on the front side of the rear wing.

    Room for improvement once this mirror mystery is solved!!

    Install: Unrar place content in f12013>cars>c13>livery main>textures high file
    (make sure you back up the original before proceding)

    Enjoy and happy racing geezers!

    Next Lotus 98T? Possible but not 100%


    1. Tankracer Lotus 100t update a.jpg
    2. Tankracer Lotus 100t 2 update a.jpg
    3. Tankracer Lotus 100t 5 update a.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. chargingcar
    Version: 1.0
    Great Work Keep these Classics Skins Coming::-)
    1. tankracer
      Author's Response
      ta! check back soon for an update ... WILL be worth it!