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Ferrari F187/88c Tobacco 1.0

Ferrari F187/88c Tobacco

  1. tankracer
    Hello Chaps,

    This is my first attempt at a skin edit, it's not much but I feel its more suitable to this car, I just wish I had the skills to do the rest of them!!

    The New Logo replaces the originals on both sides and the front cockpit section of the car.

    I'll input the correct drivers names onto the logo once someone has created the correct driver profiles for that 88 season.

    Install: Unrar place content in f12013>cars>c14>livery main>textures high file
    (make sure you back up the original before proceding)



    1. Ferrari Marlboro3.gif

Recent Reviews

  1. tigerlima
    Version: 2013-10-14
    More skins for other cars please. ;-)
    1. tankracer
      Author's Response
      fw12 on the way
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