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Williams FW12 Tobacco Edit 1.0

FW12 Tobacco

  1. tankracer
    Good morning,

    Here is my 2nd Minor skin mod for the Williams fw12 featuring the original Barclay sponsors located on the nose, wings and sides of the cockpit.

    I will edit Damon Hill for Ricardo Patrese once someone has done the honors with the profile switch!

    Install: Unrar place content in f12013>cars>c12>livery main>textures high file
    (make sure you back up the original before proceding)

    Enjoy chaps!

    I'll have a crack at the Lotus 100T but fear the mirror! [​IMG]


    1. FW12 tobacco TR - Copy.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. tigerlima
    Version: 1.0
    Awsome! :-)
  2. CC
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome Job m8,,,,,
    1. tankracer
      Author's Response
      Ta very much! Update Lotus100t coming soon
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