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Longford 1967

Longford 1967 1.01

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Longford 1967 For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima

-30 pit box
-3d grass
-phisical mesh
Ai and cameras by : @Flashcrow

Conversion permited by the creator woochoo

Thanks For All coments


Latest updates

  1. Geral fixes and update 1.01

    -Physical mesh -New track map -Update tarmac texture shaders -New grass texture -3D Grass...
  2. Geral fixes and update 1.0

    -Physical mesh -Update tarmac texture shaders -New grass texture -3D Grass -Updated shader...

Latest reviews

AMAZING ATTENTION TO DETAIL from actual buildings trees landmarks
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Amazing work. Looks great, but more importantly it feels great. The track is peculiar by modern standards. Like going back in time. The AI is wonky - unusable for me - but you can find some fixes for this on RD.
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An artistic and so sweet track; reminds me my native region in my country.
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God I love this track
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As good as they are, the screenshots don't do full justice to just how good this track looks. It's one of the tracks you can go to and just enjoy the way the light plays on the surroundings. The visuals take you to another time and place. But you might just miss your braking point! An amazing classic location, amazingly well done here.
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beautiful track
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One of the best vintage tracks
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Excellent thank you :)
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I've had a lot of fun with this track, great stuff!
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perfect old track, thanks my friend!!!
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Nice one ;o/)
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Just WOW.

Someone have problem with FPS at racing ? With hot laps it's everything ok.
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Pure joy, in morning light driving a Porsche 356 it's like an episode of Petrolicious but better.
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Superb. Great modelling and just as importantly, a great atmosphere. It's amazing to drive a track like this that is no longer with us in real life! Thank you.
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Just done my first three laps with a AC cobra and I love it! Great detail....the flashing lights at the level crossing, period static cars etc. I'm so pleased you left the gate open at the end of the first long straight!!!
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love it
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its perfect for testing new cars. Thanks for this awesome track!
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I cried.......will remember it and donate. My first assetto mod.
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Tiago Lima
File size
205.1 MB
First release
Last update
4.85 star(s) 110 ratings

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