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Tsukuba Circuit

The Tsukuba Circuit is a motorsport race track located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. It is 2.045 kilometres (1.271 mi) long, has 32 pits and the longest straight is 437 metres (0.272 mi) long. There is a small chicane corner that is used for motorcycle racing only and increases the total length to 2.070 kilometres (1.286 mi). The track was established in 1966 with the aim of attracting young people to participate in motor sports, but was not actually completed until 1970. At the present time, an event is held every week. The track has a large variety of corners, ranging from wide sweepers to hairpins. The circuit accommodates 8500 spectators on the track, 3000 in the stands, 5000 on lawn seats, and 500 standing over the pits.

Track features:

  • 22 Pits and Grid spots
  • Working ai
  • 3d grass
  • Trackmap and sections corner names
  • 2 layouts , Full circuit and short version
  • Changes to suit the 2015/16 videos ,publicity boards road surroundings curbs position curbs usage
  • Physical mesh
  • Complete new version converted again and reworked ( more than 100 hours of work )
  • 3 Camera sets including Best motoring inspired by @sergio Vieira
  • Animated flags
Special thanks to:

-@Rigel (for general help)
-@tabis To find all the physical holes in the mesh (You rock!!)

-@Nick Moxley For physical mesh testing and bug hunting
-@Mike1304 For performance and stability testing

-@Michael Hornbuckle For bug hunting and general friend support
-@marlo0081 For bug hunting and general friend support
-@Boris Lozac For bug hunting
-@AccAkut For bug hunting , performance and stability testing
-@alex72 For bug hunting and general friend support
-@ Akis Kev For bug hunting and general friend support

-@ Andreas Knöpke For bug hunting
-@Brownninja97 For bug hunting
-@Bugatti For bug hunting


Thanks For All the coments

Please do not upload the track anywhere , use the racedepartment link images and video


Tiago Lima
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Latest updates

  1. tsukuba update 2.1

    -Updated tarmac texture -Updated grass texture -Updated 3d grass texture -Other minor fixes
  2. New version 2.0!! Redone and Improved

    Thanks For All the coments Tsukuba Circuit The Tsukuba Circuit is a motorsport race track...
  3. Tsukuba update

    -Tweaked trees -Tweaked grass -New curb texture -New tarmac settings -Smother t1 jump -hotlap...

Latest reviews

very good
This is the old GPL track, made by Polar Blue 21. I did a lot of work for the GTR2 version at the time. The green poles, the oval, start 'tower' and many more, were made from scratch by me.
Just a shame the brand new rFactor version was never finished:
It's probably the best Tsukuba I've seen and I love the Gran Turismo banners.

I can only give it four stars at the moment because the edges of the track are not smooth, and the kerbs are inaccurate. In reality the kerbs are placed behind the white line.

There is some good details in the track, such as the tyre marks on the road, but some of the models are low poly and give a dated PS2-era feel. Considering you said you converted it, I'm guessing you converted it from Gran Turismo 5 which had a very dated version of the track already.
Great !!! many pleasure with this.
Now, take my textures for your next update.
Espectacular! Gracias!
Great job!!! A small correction, in the curves where the curbs are present, there is no white line at the end of the track, while in reality the curbs are beyond that line.
great for reverse entries
Racing in the night is a bumba bee!
I like new road texture.
5 stars like always. very good work
Very well done!

Looks good and runs smooth, steady frame rate in VR - and does all that with opponents on track. Good optimization.

I loved this track in my Gran Turismo days. Really nice to have this in AC. Thank you!
excellent track, thanks.
Nice track. Thanks
Great. I liked this track before, now it is really 'alive'. Thanks.
Tiago Lima is on fire :) Another great update in last few days. Thank you!
Tou a ver que tas de volta =]
Accurate enough representation. Going from driving this in Forza Motorsport to AC is a whole new challenge. No more sub-1minute lap times for me.
Love it. My favorite track to test cars.