Algarve International Circuit

Algarve International Circuit 2.6

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Original Creator :
Nuno Ferraz

Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima (Version 2.0 was reconverted from scratch)

Portimao Circuit, is a 4.692 km (2.915 mi) race circuit located in Portimão, Portugal. With a total cost of €195 million (approximately $250 million), the project includes a karting track, technology park, five-star hotel, sports complex and apartments.

The track includes :
-Four sets fo cameras
-Thirty grid/Pit boxes
-Fuctional ai line
-Physical mesh

Personal message:
So since i was out of track and conversions for a year , with portimao 2.0 i decided to improve the quall in everything and try to make a track that people can enjoy , and not just one more track ,i hope you guys like it and enjoy it .

Thanks to Nuno Ferraz for His permition :)

Special Thanks :
-All the friends that helped with testing
-All The ideas from people around the forums
-Norbs for the cameras

Thanks For All comments

Tiago Lima
File size
133 MB
First release
Last update
4.60 star(s) 122 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. General bug fixes

    -Performance improvements -bug fixes related to name of some objects -Fixed some object surface...
  2. Update 2.5

    -Added physical mesh -New tarmac texture -New grass texture -New sand texture -New...
  3. Fully working ai

    -Thanks for LilSki for making the ai the proper way !! -Fixed some fences being visible the...
  4. Ai/trackmap update

    -Updated ai line -Fixed track boundaries in the start - Pit lane still wip -Track map...
  5. Version 2.0 Completelly Re-done

    The track includes : -Four sets fo cameras -Thirty grid/Pit boxes -Fuctional ai line...

Latest reviews

First and foremost great effort releasing this track and subsequent updates. Certainly it means a lot of work and skill. I've downloaded this mod following Miguel Oliveira's achievement at AIA to find how much of an advantage he had by knowing this track and it became quite obvious it is a tough track to manage. I have just one remark: getting to turn #13 in this version of the track we lack visibility for that left hander. Other tracks like R3E and PC2 seem to have a bit more visibility and the hotlap from Lewis this the recent F1 Portuguese GP also seems to have more visibility. That is my only remark (last corners really hard to assess) an exagerated crest getting to turn #13...
very nice job ,the pitlane exit is a bit weird .Anyway , i enjoy this track
thx a lot
Great track, but does anybody have the link for the Ferrari 488 that he is driving in the video?
Eu estava com esse problema de não carregar, aí descobri que o nome do arquivo com extensão "kn5" deve ser o mesmo nome da pasta. Ex: pasta algarve26 e o arquivo deverá ser algarve24.kn5

Achei a pista excelente! Toda a topografia bem representada
The map loads but then ac crashes and I'm back and the track select screen. Is there a fix??
Ai pile up at start
After installing the mod, it shows up in the launcher but im not able to run it. someone help me
Is it possible for whoever created this track to make the curbs like real life? flatter? so we can have faster exits out of the corners? Thanks
Very good looking and feeling but unsusable against AI
I've been playing this for hours in the 2020 rss formula hybrid, such a good track. One problem is that if youre coming out of the pits or on the extreme inside at speed then you hit some kind of bump and you go flying and destroy your car, especially the ai. Other than that it's pretty good and I would like to see if someone has a world record in the 2020 f1 cars in the game, very good track and very well designed in the game, good job.
Great work on the track, I like it, thank you. I've been trying some fast races, 5 min, 10 cars, F1 mania 2020: AI "always" crashes at the first turn.
Ai wrecks at first turn, ruins racing. Start lights not working either. Ver 2.0 works perfectly and actually looks better to me. Can't race when over half the field crashes in T1, normally taking you out along with them as they fly through the air. What an amazing track...F1 turns up for real this weekend.
too tight track limits
I didn't know where else i could ask this, I've downloaded it and after extract the folder i put it on tracks but i can't open the track on assetto. Can someone help.
Portugal crlhhh
The detail of the track looks really good, but i don't know if it is just me. I can play any other tracks in the sim and get a decent 50-60fps constant, but this track in-car i was getting 16-17fps which is completely undrivable. :/
ok Gracias
Wonderful track - obrigado!
Excellent job. Well done!