Longford 1967

Longford 1967 1.01

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Still a fantastic track. Loads of FUN! Thanks again
Driven in SRS (20Mins races) and makes a ton of fun. Looks just awesome. Only drove multiple races with Lotus 25 but bet makes massive fun with new sports cars too.
Gracias !
Appreciate your time to build this track for the community.nBeautiful one.
Thank you :)
Thoroughly enjoy driving around this track. it's a blast to take both modern and vintage race and street cars around here. Haven't found any issues and those corners come out of nowhere.
i just adore this track i have fond memories playing this track. and am back. lol
Just tried to drive this for the first time, in the Lola T70. Definitely a track where you feel its top speed of around 300 km/h, and definitely a track where the corners don't so much sneak up on you, but rather leap out in front of you and yell "SURPRISE, M***F***R!!"

I died in every corner on my first lap. It was glorious. Love this track and looking forward to many more spectacular deaths.
Great, relaxing 'track', or rather road. It's a freeing feeling driving down this track, especially with manual, older cars. It makes for a new feeling in Assetto Corsa. I can only recommend it to anyone that is searching to see AC in a different perspective. Thanks for this! :)
cok güzel
Another awesome track in my collection, thx!
This track is a lot of fun to tool around in slower cars like the old Abarths. I found an AI patch here on RD which goes a long way towards making the AI not so goofy, if still rather slow at spots. They still do odd things on pit road, and I cannot figure out how to re-enter my own pit at all.
Overall nicely done. Small problems with foliage, LOD objects popping in in the distance. Bigger problems with the AI (100%) acting weirdly especially in the last corner and interfering with the pit lane every time.
Great track but there is one little problem that needs fixing,one section of the horizon isn't present and then it pops in/up.
Fantastic work. And THANK YOU for including the version number in the filename! So many mods will have names like "Content.rar", which makes it impossible to keep it all organized.
This is pure art. And what a joy to drive. You made me happy!
Nice work, many thanks! \o
Best ever "Sunday Drive" feeling. Just like driving around farmland when I was a kid. Deceptively simple.
good track but when one of my wheel of the track cant control the car.. pls update this
Thanks Tiago!
I love it!
Amazing looking track. You get the country side feel of the road, long straight line to flat out your cars, and one of the prettiest mode out there. The green variety as well as a detailed road side do the trick, bravo!
Excelent track simple and fun to drive.
Primo Track!
Personally cant understand how anyone can enjoy a track like this due to the long straights and tight corners but just tried the latest update with my graphics mod and it looks simply stunning! One of the most detailed and prettiest looking gaming experiences ive had. Hats off to you as it must of taken so much time and effort
Great update again. I know how much you work (24/7 with tiny brakes) and it shows. Top job on all tracks mate. ;)
grazie :)
Looks great ! detail wow !
Tiago Lima is on fire !

Great mod ! You have done a excellent job on this track and Algarve International Circuit. Thanx for your amazing work.

However, I have encountered an issue with some shadow.
You can see the problem on this image:


nb: shadow are set on ultra (visuall setting).
Many thanks ! :)
Looks great but AI crashing and bottle necks make this track unplayable for me.
Magic, thank you.
I think the colours used to look washed out, now they're great.
Any chance of making the braking markers along the "flying mile" stand out a bit more?
nice update, damage is too hard though, "crash" into the barbwires and wreck the car
great work so far :) still some room for improvement.
Looks fantastic, wonderful job...
Simply fantastic , thanks mate ! :)
No more words than, fantastic.
You're spoiling us with all of these updates to your tracks. Keep them coming!!! You're awesome!
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