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LMP Gran Prix 1.1

LMP_Assetto Corsa

  1. Nik_8501

    Assetto Corsa v1.14

    - aggiunte le auto PX + Skin*
    *per un corretto funzionamento della Mod

    - corrette le Piste e alcuni Bug

    - compatibile solo con il nuovo DLC "Ready to Race Pack"


    Assetto Corsa v1.14

    - added cars PX + Skin*

    *for a correct operation of the Mod

    - correct the Tracks and some Bugs

    - Only compatible with the new DLC "Ready to Race Pack"

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    3. wec-sao-paulo-2014-1-audi-sport-team-joest-audi-r18-e-tron-quattro-lucas-di-grassi-loic-du.jpg
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