series DTM 2016 Nissan GT500 2017-05-21

championship 2016 Nissan gt500

  1. Nik_8501
    DTM 2016 Modificato per Nissan gt500dtm

    Il Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters 2016 è la diciassettesima edizione del Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, da quando la serie è ripresa nel 2000.

    Transparent Regulations:

    24 cars & 18 Events - Practice, Qualification and Race
    • Your car : Nissan GT500 Not included
    • This career mode requires the: urd jt5 2016 shiro (3 cars) + URD mod DTM 2015 Not included
    urd jt5 2016 shiro : buy
    urd mod DTM 2015 : buy (T5 2015)



    2016hha.jpg a.jpg maxresdefault.jpg 2016hha.jpg
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      To you, if you need any clarifications or additions let me know.
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