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series F1 2002 GranPrix 2017-05-16

F1 2002_Fisichella_ferrari_f2002

  1. Nik_8501
    Campionato mondiale di Formula 1 2002

    Il campionato mondiale di Formula 1 2002 organizzata dalla FIA è stata, nella storia della categoria, la 53ª stagione ad assegnare il Campionato Piloti, vinto da Michael Schumacher, e la 45ª ad assegnare il Campionato Costruttori, andato alla Scuderia Ferrari.
    Formula One World Championship 2002

    The Formula One 2002 World Championship organized by the FIA was, in the history of the category, the 53rd season to award the Pilot Championship, won by Michael Schumacher, and the 45th to award the Constructors Championship, to the Ferrari Stage.
    2002-start-bmwmelb.jpg F1-Fansite.com 2002 HD wallpaper F1 GP Germany_24.jpg 2002-start-bmwmelb.jpg F1-Fansite.com 2002 HD wallpaper F1 GP Germany_24.jpg

    Tracks and cars not included

    races - 22 Real Pilots
    Practice - Qualifying and Race 10 laps

    1. Grand Prix Albert Park Circuit Melbourne
    2. Grand Prix Sepang
    3. Grand Prix do Brasil Autódromo José Carlos
    4. Grand Prix Foster's di San Marino Imola
    5. Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya Barcellona
    6. Grand Prix Austria A1-Ring Spielberg
    7. Grand Prix de Monaco Montecarlo
    8. Grand Prix Air Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    9. Grand Prix of Europe Nürburgring
    10. Grand Prix Silverstone
    11. Grand Prix de France Circuito di Magny Cours
    12. Grand Prix Hockenheimring Hockenheim
    13. Grand Prix Hungaroring
    14. Grand Prix Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
    15. Grand Prix Vodafone d'Italia Monza
    16. Grand Prix Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    17. Grand Prix Suzuka Circuit

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    Car model: Ferrari F2002 1.4 http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ferrari-f2002.116515/
    Skin GranPrix:


    Good Game

    and for any help

    please write to me.

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  1. Tomras
    Version: 2017-05-16
    Good! Where can I found the tracks for this career? :)
  2. Baron3105
    Version: 2017-05-16
    good job man!
    1. Nik_8501
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much
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