Lausitzring cameras

Lausitzring cameras 1.02

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Lausitzring cameras

1.02 for latest track since v1.50
- Added layout_dtm21 cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini cameras_4.ini csv
- All layout included
- layout_dtm21 adjustment and addition, static and drone camera

layout_dtm21 cameras_2.ini TV 3   layout_dtm21 cameras_3.ini TV 4
layout_dtm21 cameras_4.ini TV 5

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1.01 for tmm_lausitzring_v1.40_42pits_VAO_final
- Renamed layout_dtm and layout_gp files
  cameras_2.ini TV 2
  cameras_3.ini TV 3
  cameras_4.ini TV 4
- Added layout_gp_mp cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini cameras_4.ini csv
- All layout included

Track link 1.40

- Added cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini csv
- All layout included

Made with DTM 2017, 2018 and other ones.
csv is an adjustment for gt3 car.
Attention. When you watch all laps by a replay with layout_oval cameras_3.ini TV 4, you may come to feel sick.
The shadow of the fence was readjusted, so like a screen shot, it isn't clearly.

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Keyboard shortcuts 
F1 : cycle car cameras
F2 : random cameras
F3 : track cameras
F4 : sets camera on the player car
F5 : pivot camera around the car
F6 : cycle on-board cameras

layout_dtm cameras_1.ini TV 2

layout_dtm cameras_2.ini TV 3
layout_dtm cameras_3.ini TV 4

layout_gp  cameras_1.ini TV 2
layout_gp  cameras_2.ini TV 3
layout_gp  cameras_3.ini TV 4

layout_oval cameras_1.ini TV 2
layout_oval cameras_2.ini TV 3
layout_oval cameras_3.ini TV 4

Latest updates

  1. 1.02 for tmm_lausitzring_v1.50_42pits_VAO_final

    1.02 for tmm_lausitzring_v1.50_42pits_VAO_final - Added...
  2. 1.01 for tmm_lausitzring_v1.40_42pits_VAO_final

    1.01 for tmm_lausitzring_v1.40_42pits_VAO_final - Renamed layout_dtm and layout_gp files...

Latest reviews

Great cameras!
Great camera set as always.
I like your csv cameras.
Perfect , thank You
Great job, thank you!

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