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Deep Forest Raceway cameras

Deep Forest Raceway cameras 1.0

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If you're using another camera, please rename my file.
Made with Gran Turismo 6 and other ones.
It does not become all same as GT6.
csv is an adjustment for gt3 car.
A CSV file is used to move a camera.

- Added cameras_1.ini Drone; Most is a drone camera
- Added cameras_2.ini GT 1; Gran Turismo 6 Lap 1 cam from a start
- Added cameras_3.ini GT 2; Gran Turismo 6 Lap 2 cam from a start
- Added cameras_4.ini GT 3; Gran Turismo 6 Lap 3 cam from a start
- Added csv
- Included layout normal and reverse

Un zip

Track link

 Keyboard shortcuts 
 F1 : cycle car cameras
 F2 : random cameras
 F3 : track cameras
 F4 : sets camera on the player car
 F5 : pivot camera around the car
 F6 : cycle on-board cameras

layout normal cameras_1.ini Drone

layout reverse cameras_1.ini Drone

Latest reviews

Hi mate.

Just request if I may.

I'm car guy. Meaning I know how to do a lot in AC and rFactor 2 but tracks are something I've never really gott'n into.

I've just recently downloaded a few AC tracks but the cameras don't work well. In fact there's no camera.ini in them. Yes, them. The tracks are Apricot Hill and Midfield

GTPlanet member called pk3r72owns if you can please, thank you.

Did try to do this privately but you've locked out people from doing so.
top !
Superb, love the GT1 cam
Thank you
Thanks a lot ! ;-)
Black Wagtail
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