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Lausitzring 1.31

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Lausitzring for Assetto Corsa By TM-Modding - Conversion from rFactor 2 with permission from original author Digga (SRT).

Track features:
  • 34 pit boxes
  • 3 layouts - GP, DTM, oval
  • Custom shader patch support with animated windmills and windsocks
  • Detailed road mesh (yes, the real thing is even more bumpy than this :))
  • Converted from rFactor 2 by Intel48
  • Completely reworked by Digga
  • All other unknown contributors
  • Extract the archive to Assetto Corsa root directory. For best results delete all previous installations in content/tracks/tmm_lausitzring and acc_lausitzring directories.

File size
280 MB
First release
Last update
4.92 star(s) 66 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.31

    Updates and fixes in v. 1.31 Just a small and probably last update :) - extended pit slots to...
  2. Update 1.3

    Updates and fixes in version 1.3 - replaced the whole windfarm with new models - added some...
  3. Update 1.2

    Changes and updates in version 1.2 - added some new camera sets to DTM and GP layouts - improved...
  4. Update 1.1

    Initial 1.0 track update with some hotfixes :) 1.1 - improved grooves - improved track...
  5. Update 0.93

    Updates and fixes in version 0.93: fixed T1 missing collider in oval and DTM layout fixed...

Latest reviews

Extremely nice work.

in the beginning i was sceptical because of the bumps,
i even compared it to a motocross track.

But when the other more knowledgeable drivers say its true to reality??

Well, i guess its in the "neuen Bundesländern".

( The five new states which were reunited to the Federal Republic auf germany in 1989.
In the beginning they had a reputation for extremely bumpy roads, some
say in the biggest potholes you could find forgotten russian tanks ;-)

Today the roads are much nicer than in the old states because all roadbuilding budget went east)
Perfect track!
It was good but now it's crashing, don't know why. can you fix it?
delete ext_config.ini in extension directory of the track and it should work.
great job but crashes with new versions of csp
Amazing track! Having so much fun with the 911 Cup! Really great work
What a quality, what a visual. Great great track !
It was a great track but now the game crashes every time I select it. I have sol 1.5.1 and CSP 0.1.52. Please fix it, thank you!!
if you have some issues this is not exactly the place for support. Go to discussion and provide some more details than "game crashes", provide some logs, some basic trouble shooting results, and I will look on it.
One of the best tracks for AC
Excellent, thank you!
great, thank you !
Great track! Probably one of the best ovals to race against the AI, although at the exit of T1 (oval) the gap in the wall causes some really nasty crashes. Will that get fixed? Other than that, the track is great
please if you have some replay or video of the issue send it to me via PM
Nice conversion, quite detailed track surface.
It's not one of my favorite tracks, but this version is possibly the best it can get on AC
Looks great, feels great, well optimised, windmills are nicely detailed too. Really happy with this, thanks ;-)
Thanks for all of your work on this. Great job!
Top work.
Great Details!
But the big wind turbine is rotating in the wrong direction. ;-)
maybe the wind was blowing the wrong way :D but seriously, when x4fab will make some fixes I requested from him I will review the whole wind part and make it more accurate :)
fantastic track, really awesome with the URD DTM mod, AI are fast too
Superb improvements! The new main wind turbine looks identical to the real one now - a gazillion times better!
Top job, many thanks.
(Love the slowly-rotating droopy blades on the helicopter too. Lovely detail. Makes the one in the field at Spa look positively amateurish by comparison).
Great work, would like to give you an extra star for the revolving wind mill, brilliant! I hope we get those to work in Zolder.
Solid work, thank you.
Great job. Animated track objects really makes the track feel more alive!
Thanks for the 1.3. Please, a wet version for your tracks.