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actually it sounds good, the heights are very dominant. But the engine sound is so much louder than the other effects compared to other cars. For this mod I have to change the audio levels every time. 4/5
Thanks for the feedback. Will adjust this in a future update
Amazing app!
A very fun to drive car, loves to get wide through turns but totally catch-able.
I like it A LOT ! Thanks.
In the discussion, I'll show you why... ;-)
Kocur Design
Can't wait to see it :D
it seems AI not affected by this mod ? in my last race, only me had a two pitstop, the rest of AI still had one (career mode). not to mention that practice programs its getting harder to achieved
did you install all the files correctly? i think you didn't import cars xml files, because pracitece programs are easy to achieve because of incresed grip on the tyres on lower wear
I like it, I got to use it and then when I got off and got back on it said too many errors can you please fix this mod
Quite a fun car. Love the crazy bodyroll. And it has CSP support as well. Nice job!
Beautiful skin, thanks a lot ! ;-)
Thank you for this new skin
Vielleicht sollte man den Leuten darauf hinweisen das die Original dateien überschrieben. . .
Manuel Staedel
Manuel Staedel
Ohne das wäre die Modifikation nicht möglich. Das kommt aber mit der 0.98, welche ich dann mit dem Modprogramn teste.
nao consigo baixar
thank you for the great skin
Great track, unfortunalely Rolf Stommelen died here, but still very good
Have loaded it and was able to tick the box on the options/general screen, but cant find it in the game? what am i doing wrong?!cwYXTK4Y!EXvOH9dkNTbdL96qATMYTA your car is working perfectly, if there are any other bugs, tell me.
Amazing, thanks a lot.
For Sidekick in AC Apps
Great job, thanks for your work.
La livrée n'apparaît pas en jeu (j'ai modifié le .veh des 2 livrées pour voir si ça venait de là mais rien n'y fait).
Great update
amazing, after update it works now
for diffrent nation dirivers, no nation flag ver plz.
exept that all looks good.
great track!!!
just want to know the vao file not include in the extension file is it right?
it's inside.
разговор с бабушкой не до конца переведён,и с девушкой
Скриншоты есть?
Amazing work !
This is a good mod, the only reason that im giving this 4 stars is because, If you go pickup Jakko with the second ferndale, he wont get in. Its a very annoying issue that should be fixed by this time.
Gran Muchas Gracias :)
Great mod, love the new liveries! :)
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