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Lap 47 (Part One) V10

F1 2017 Complete Mod

  1. Louka81

    An F1 2017 mod, no big intro or flash bang wallop needed.

    It is, what it is!

    Certainly no vanilla files masquerading as modified files and it has been finely balanced with no unrealistic top heavy "bonuses" concerning money or part performance.

    35 data files were modified to make this mod. This was with the aim to bring as much to you as possible.

    The Front-end Graphics were completely overhauled to give the game a new unique feel (see screenshots).

    Includes the full version of the "track name" Mod.

    The CYOT has been slightly modified to increase performance and provide real investors.

    Follow the below link to steam to use my graphics layer for this mod.
    *The graphics on steam are a WIP and have no effect on save games*


    Any graphic changes will not effect your save games, so you can start to use the mod and the graphic updates will be fully compatible.

    Installation guide

    1) Back up your resource.asset file somewhere very safe
    2) Download part one of the mod here
    3) Download part two of the mod here
    4) Make sure you extract part one of the mod first. (a good location is your desktop)
    5) Part two should automatically extract with part one as long as you have downloaded both of them
    6) You should now have a copy of the resource.asset file on your desktop for example
    7) Copy and paste this to your MM_Data folder
    8) Start your game

    **Additional steps**

    To use the “NO AI PROMOTION” mod follow these step immediately after step 7 and ignore step 8

    9) Back up your assembly-csharp.dll file somewhere very safe
    10) Download the no promotion mod from here
    11) Extract it to your desktop for example
    12) Copy and paste it to your MM_Data/managed folder
    13) Start your game

    **For those of you who have used previous versions of the mod I would recommend verifying your game files before starting step 1**

    **CHANGE LOG**


    1. 20170414022515_1.jpg
    2. 20170414022553_1.jpg
    3. 20170414022632_1.jpg
    4. 20170414022641_1.jpg
    5. 20170414022847_1.jpg
    6. 20170414022932_1.jpg
    7. 20170414023025_1.jpg
    8. 20170414023108_1.jpg
    9. 20170414023124_1.jpg
    10. 20170414023204_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

    Version: V10
    does it still work
  2. MustartMatters
    Version: V10
    I don't get why part 1 has 4k downloads but part 2 has 3k downloads. Where's the logic in only downloading 1 part lol
    1. Louka81
      Author's Response
      I actually think that's a false reading. I was watching it whilst uploading and I think the numbers are not true!
  3. Recoder
    Version: V8 Turbo
    The visual looks great. I read you had modified 35 data files. Can you tell witch ones?
    1. Louka81
      Author's Response
      When I've got the database at the point I want. I'll release a full change log. There are one or two things I want to adjust.

      Now the mod is fixed I can finally spend my time on those things.
  4. KekeJohn
    Version: V8
    This idea with the tracks is still unique and the best MOD in this area! Also the adjustment of the standard graphics files is currently unique with all MODs! Very well implemented and successful.
  5. KekeJohn
    Version: V6.1
    So So Good! Impressive.
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