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Kyoto Animation Subaru Impreza STI GRB '08 1.0

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The works of Kyoto Animation were the masterpieces that had inspired me and told me to live on throughout the past few years and being a grateful fan that i am, i decided to put my other skins aside and have this made. This skin for Rider Corsa (ACWorkshop)'s Subaru Impreza STI GRB 2008 is dedicated to the many men and women whose lives were lost to the arson attack on the 18th of July 2019, some likely involved in the productions of some of my personal favorites such as Kyoukai No Kanata, Hyouka and Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions. As much as they have given me strength, i wish to give them the same.




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An excellent tribute to the artists whose lives were lost.
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Really nice livery.
Such a shame what happened, I hope the guy who did it gets the maximum penalty.
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