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kyoto animation

  1. Animod_Autoneko

    [Fictional] The Lucoa 1.1

    This is my first skin that i've uploaded in RD, so if i made a format mistake, i apologize and this is a one-off format because of the After hearing what happend to Kyoto Animation as of recently, i decided to pay tribute to the Studio that made my some of my Favorite anime such as Chuunibyou...
  2. RoyalFranzYT

    Kyoto Animation Subaru Impreza STI GRB '08 1.0

    The works of Kyoto Animation were the masterpieces that had inspired me and told me to live on throughout the past few years and being a grateful fan that i am, i decided to put my other skins aside and have this made. This skin for Rider Corsa (ACWorkshop)'s Subaru Impreza STI GRB 2008 is...