Ktm xbow Team Xbox Skin 0.9.8

A team xbox skin for the ktm xbow

  1. Giant dwarf
    Hey guys here is another skin i made today it is a team xbox racing skin for the ktm xbow
    Hope you enjoy it
    (Sorry about the quality of these images my PC is not the best)




    1. Showroom_ktm_xbow_r_1-7-2014-14-28-13.png
    2. Showroom_ktm_xbow_r_1-7-2014-14-28-25.png
    3. Showroom_ktm_xbow_r_1-7-2014-14-28-30.png
    4. Showroom_ktm_xbow_r_1-7-2014-20-54-59.png
    5. Showroom_ktm_xbow_r_1-7-2014-20-55-7.png

Recent Reviews

  1. AC Lover
    AC Lover
    Version: 0.9.8
    Very nice skin, thanks
    1. Giant dwarf
      Author's Response
      your welcome man hope you enjoy it