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Ferrari 599XX EVO Pepsi MAX 0.7

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Hey guys here is another skin for the Ferrari 599XX EVO
Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Special thanks to * Charging car for his mega Tyre pack I used the Dunlop tires and modified them so they have a gold ring on the inside *
* And marcel Vd Aa for his better visibility mod*

Updates in the future: * driver suit and helmet / gloves will be added *

Giant dwarf
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Very nicely done,Thanks for sharing,Cheers.
Very nice indeed! It really is sparkling, this skin :-)
Excellent skin
Excellent skin mate, cheers.
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Thx mate :)
Top looking scheme mate
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Cheers buddy :)
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Thx mate