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Ferrari 599XX EVO Norton 1.0

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Hey guys here is a new skin for the Ferrari 599XX EVO
Hope you guys enjoy. :)

*Images Fixed*
Giant dwarf
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  1. New update

    Updates: *Got rid of the psd i left in there by mistake* *And added The better visibility mod...

Latest reviews

Good job, did you base it from the Norton Hornets that are in V8 Supercar Series? it sure reminds me of them.
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Yer i did base it off of the Norton v8 car. I really like the Norton v8 car it looks quiet nice
Creativity 5, design 5, resolution 5, the whole thing is a damn 5!
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Cheers Mate :)
Nice one, thanks.
Lovely skin, horrible anti virus program :-)
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Haha so true mate
Cool! Thanks
Great skin...Well done!
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
Thx mate :)
Excellent skin mate, cheers.
Giant dwarf
Giant dwarf
cheers mate.