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Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Full Team Package

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Full Team Package 1.1

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Hey guys,
So after a long build up to see if it was possible to bring you a Ferrari Mission Winnow Livery, it has finally arrived and is possible!

Link to 90 Years Anniversary HERE

Simple drag and drop the F1 2019 folder into your common folder.


The full package includes:

Race Suit
Pit Crew
Ui Helmets
Ui Car


Latest updates

  1. Helmet & performance

    Updated from performance patch and fixed Haas helmets
  2. Full Team Package

    What's been added? Hats Race suits Helmets Racewear Pit Crew Umbrella UI Helmets UI Race Suits...

Latest reviews

When installing the mod, other gear kits or helmets look blurry ... why ???
when using the skin the driver number is clipping plz help or fix
I do not know how to use the ERP archiver. Is it really so difficult for all modders to upload zip archives to the site, there are so many people who do not know how to use ERP, and would be very grateful if you downloaded for them ZIP files separately and would appreciate your work 5 stars, please don't forget about it
still a 5 stars for your work, but your mod still does not work for me ..
seems a good effort ...Thanks
Not the real SF90
Looks great!
Well-made livery that looks amazing, but it seems both cars have black onboard camera, while there should be a yellow one for second driver. Any plans for an update?
looks awesome, but i want to make sure i install it right. So I just need to drag and drop the F1 2019 folder from the "Mission Winnow Team Package" folder into the Common Steam folder?
Good job .. Except the ugly steering wheel ... and the
more ugly and completely irrelevant Halo... (yes ...its an old chassis)... thanks a lot for the great effort ...
we will wait for some upgraded version ...
Like the Livery but why is the steering wheel not the original?
gagi75 and Intellego !!

do you think fairly to give such mark for great job?
can you make similar?
works perfectly...
which chassis do you use?

is it possible to do a Ferrari Marlboro livery + pit Crew (early 2000s)?
It would be awesome!!
Thanks ...nice job ...compatible with 1.04 patch ...
Excellent job ...Thanks
Very nice job! So yesterday when I wanted to install your skin, and start the game, and crash .. I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it, and yet I made a copy paste to install it cleanly, I'll do a backups next time, but I think to be the first one who does it ..
Its really good but the career numbers are to low and almost go into the shell logo. Would be awesome if you fix it
Really nice job! is there a way to only install the driver and crew textures?
close to perfection. would stillprefer a 80-90% accurate livery but on the real chassis. would be very boring in career if you drive the ferrari. Cheers :)
This is amazing, original chassis or steering wheel would be ideal, but the situation is what it is! Respect to you good sir.
File size
323.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.39 star(s) 28 ratings

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