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Ferrari Mission Winnow 2019 Livery

Ferrari Mission Winnow 2019 Livery 1.0

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F1 2019 Ferrari Mission Winnow Livery

The white Mission Winnow on the side is grey, just not updated pics.

Copy and Paste installation for this car.

Yes it's William Chassis... Bite me

Any issues message me on Twitter @krisidx

If you enjoy the mods I make and wan't to help out with future mods, then feel free to click the blue button below!

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4.42 star(s) 19 ratings

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Latest reviews

It's wonderfull!!! Great job!! You do the Red bull with williams chassis?
there is a problem where the wheel has the hands going away from the wheel and some buttons are off but a great mod i like alot
Great job ..
But it needs updating and freshening ....
very nice but i could be better if you make the mod with matte color
Great but could you make it on f1 2016? Cause it will look stunning in that game
i really do not care about having the williams chassis
great job
thank you guys
Not accurate.
Is it possible to have in this mod ferrari steering wheel ?
great skill
good but Can you make it with the 2018 drivers
excellent work, but you could put more black Mission Winnow logos
Great job. Those who complain about changing chassis, try to do these mods before giving low ratings because of it
Thank you man :)
Looks pretty good :D
One question. Is it possible to make this livery on the haas chassis?
I do not like the liveries are done on different cars, but unfortunately being a modder me too, soi that the ferrari machine is really difficult to customize for this reason I give you 5 stars especially for the commitment unlike idiots who do not know that the ferrari is really impossible to change and in addition to complaining they only give 2 stars.
Many thanks for the new livery!

PS Guys, it's not possible to do the livery on chassis Ferrari.
Chassis ferrari
I am waiting for Update 1.5 F1 2019
Yes it's William Chassis... Bite me

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