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Knutstorp 1.1

Knutstorp for RFactor Release 1.1 11/01/07

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Not my track just uploaded for use with RD club events. Please feel free to use but do not alter or adjust anything without the permission of the owner.
    unzip and place in the main game folder of rfactor.

    Knutstorp for RFactor
    Release 1.1


    Tommy Rustad for originally releasing this track as a beta for F12000.
    Gmilno who also worked on this track ( AIW and more) for F1C and GTR conversions.
    Pascal James ]aka KOOLPAPY[ for great textures job and dynamics lights
    Dave Noonan for 3DSimed, which was used extensively for this conversion.
    ISI for the GMT tools, and RFactor of course.

    What I have done to get the track upto RFactor standard:

    Bump mapping / specular mapping / dynamic shadows added where needed.

    Fully implemented night lighting.
    Added 2 bridges, new armco, new flags, new crowds, new kerbs, Mini ScoreTower and split the track up into sections.
    New textures added where needed (tanks Pascal).
    Re-worked the aiw in many places, especially the pilane and pitspots, which have been completely redone.
    New terrain.tdf for best FFB feeling
    Pace car / start lights / pit lights all working.
    Made new loading and thumb screens.

    There's room for 60 cars on the grid and 39 pit spots.
    I usually run around 30 cars with no problems at all.

    Known Issues:
    The track is a bit bumpy in places, it's really like that .