Kirkistown Northern Ireland

Kirkistown Northern Ireland 0.8

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Here's an early release of this one, as I've seen there is a newly released Payware version - this one is and always will be free to everybody :)

As this is a free alternative, and a bit of friendly competition to a payware mod - i'd appreciate any donations you may consider :)

You can donate at

Your donations help fund future track releases and also provide Energry drinks to help them come out faster ;)

This is an early release, so please provide feedback, and don't be too harsh on the ratings. Anybody who's actually driven this track in real life, and want's to chip in some advice i'm all ears!

cheers! and enjoy!

Northern Ireland's only MSA-licensed permanent race track, available now for FREE in Assetto Corsa.

Features wet / dry of the main layout, additional layouts may show up in later updates so keep following.




You can donate at

Latest reviews

Nice! Very fun! Would love to see TV Cams around this circuit!!
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Really good to have this track in the game. Get lots of use from it and very close to the real thing. Hope mod maker decides to do Bishopscourt, really good
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Looking and driving quite well. Some Porsche GT3 RS AI get stuck at start/finish line after 1st lap. General feel of layout is good. Overall good version. Look forward to updates.
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Great rendering, it is my local track and i have raced and had trackdays there
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Awesome to be able to drive my local track, thank you! Just needs some TV cams now ;-)
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Great fun circuit! Road feel is pretty great, if a bit lacking. Art is a bit rough in places but gives a decent representation of the track. All in all, I have to say that I love this track! Many thanks Tyrone! Nothing like driving on your home race track. :)
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Great mod thanks for sharing. I remember this track back in the 80's and 90's when it was called Mondello Park. It would be nice to see the other variations please
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Great work. If anyone is interested, here's an article published by Speedscene magazine (January/February 2000)
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Love it, looks great. Be awesome if we can get an update which has different versions including the back straight chicane and the front straight chicane.

Also, where is this so called payware mod???
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Very nice and free track ;-)
I added the sections file for it (in my corner names DL).
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Thank you. Would love a Bishopscourt mod if you can do it would be amazing
Bishops Court looks an interesting track - maybe i'll give it a go one time :)
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