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  1. Y

    Slea Head Alpha 0.1A

    My first alpha of my track of the roads around Slea Head Ireland. Slea Head Drive Loop of 17.4 KM Still need to be done: Signs and other details Collision Objects on Fences AI Track Cameras Textures work for buildings. Learned a lot doing the buildings and other things. Rainfx is very basic...
  2. AndyMB601

    Mondello Park 1987 0.7

    My first mod! Ireland's only permanent racing facility, reimagined in it's 1987 form. Back in the times of more commonly hosted and broadcast events between the 80s and early 2000s, this layout saw the introduction of the rallycross layout, which today doesn't fully exist anymore as the final...
  3. shadow118

    James Deane's Nissan Silvia S14 Falken livery 1.0

    James Deane's Falken livery for the DBZ Comp Nissan Silvia S14 2JZ mod
  4. Jake Grafton

    Wicklow Mountains -- higher performance background texture 1.0

    This is a replacement background texture (fix) for my Wicklow Mountains, Ireland track. Some users are having an issue with pausing every few seconds. The background map is 16k resolution. Some videos cards may run out of memory on this track because of this. When this happens, there is a...
  5. tsdsulu

    Luck of the Irish - Career Helmet 1.0

    [FOR EGO ERP ONLY] This mod is intended for use with the 70 edition (fom_01) helmet, but if like me you don't have the DLC, you can install it over the "unbranded" helmets which everyone has access to as soon as they install the game. "Éire go, Deo"
  6. Jake Grafton

    Wicklow Mountains, Ireland - Part 2 of 2 0.9

    Wicklow Mountains, Ireland "Lap of the Gap" track for Assetto Corsa This is the old part 2 of 2, it is no longer necessary.
  7. Jake Grafton

    Wicklow Mountains, Ireland 1.0.0

    Wicklow Mountains, Ireland "Lap of the Gap" track for Assetto Corsa REQUIRED: GrassFX -- please enable this, option in Custom Shaders Patch settings, with Medium or better. (You can run without it, but it will look terrible.) The download is a PDF file with a link. The Wicklow Mountains are...
  8. Whalenap

    Vodafone OBK Porsche 911 II GT3 1.3

    Hi everyone, This is the livery of a totally fictionnal racing team called O'Baker Motorsports. Irish but not green, with a silver clover on a white and red asymetrical basis. Let me know if you expect some changes, as an alternative version. Thanks for your support. Donation is highly...
  9. Tomo Pattison

    Carrickatuke Raceway, Ireland 0.5

    ~ We would love it if you could check out and Subscribe to our YouTube channel, 427 Motorsports! ~ - Up to 2 AI. A fantasy "What if?" situation, Carrickatuke Raceway is a race track imagined in the eyes of 427 Motorsports, in their hometown of Armagh, Ireland. Just over the road...
  10. ArtursBondars

    Adventure Park Kartworld - Watergrasshill Playground 1.0

    Adventure Park Kartworld is a playground with 3 real life tracks from Watergrasshill and 2 imaginary tracks added so in one complex you get a playground with 5 unique tracks for more fun. Great for drifting with friends, RX and circuit races. Tracks are joined via small roads. Enjoy! You need...
  11. R

    Mondello Park (Ireland) - Track Lights (+more) 2020-12-16

    Extract zipped file to Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa. Note: consider renaming/backing up before overwriting any files... example - renaming camera files: rename to cameras_X.ini and so forth (X represents the camera number). File contains: - Track lighting (ext_config - CM/CSP required)...
  12. R

    Frank Meagher - Ford Escort Cosworth (Manx 1995) 1.0

    In 1995, Frank Meagher won the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship in his Ford Escort Cosworth on a shoestring budget. In the process, he became the first ever Irish driver to win the prestigious Manx International Rally even despite a puncture that cost him over half a minute on the very first...
  13. shadow118

    James Deane E92 Eurofighter DCGP21 1.0

    James Deane Falken E92 Eurofighter for DCGP 2021 BMW E92 Eurofighter mod. DCGP recently released their 2021 car pack, which had completely different skin layouts, so the old skins didn't work anymore. Since the folder names are also different, I'm releasing this as a separate download instead...
  14. Tomo Pattison

    Tracks Inishfree Island Raceway - My first track!

    Hey everyone! My name is Tomo, I've been a bit of a lurker on Race Department but I've become addicted to browsing it's community everyday in work so I thought it was about time I got properly involved on here. I'll be going premium for sure when pay comes in! Amazing to find a forum still...
  15. shadow118

    James Deane's Falken Eurofighter 1.0

    James Deane's Falken E92 Eurofighter. I had done Deane's livery on another E92, but this one is the correct Eurofighter model (E92 from DCGP 2020 car pack).
  16. Tyrone

    Kirkistown Northern Ireland 0.8

    Here's an early release of this one, as I've seen there is a newly released Payware version - this one is and always will be free to everybody :) As this is a free alternative, and a bit of friendly competition to a payware mod - i'd appreciate any donations you may consider :) You can donate...
  17. kekman

    Subaru Impreza WRC 2007 Kris Meeke 2019-06-27

    Replaces livery 6/8 Installation: Replace imp_tex_high.pssg in: DiRT Rally\cars\models\imp\livery_40\textures_high
  18. K

    Fermoy Drift Track, 2 Layouts 2018-02-05

    this is my version of Fermoy track located in ireland, the track info is pulled together from what i could find in videos and photos. This is the 2013 and 2014 layouts. happy drifting!