Varano 2010 1.3

Gabriele "Elwood" Bonora (Track & Objects modeling, textures, gMotor2 rFactotum) Giovanni "Madhorse"

  1. Rupe Wilson
    This is not my track just uploading it from our server for our club races.

    Track created by:

    Gabriele "Elwood" Bonora (Track & Objects modeling, textures, gMotor2 rFactotum)
    Giovanni "Madhorse" Mangione (Track & Objects modeling, textures)

    1.3 Update for rFactor by Elwood

    Changelog 1.3

    New Ickx corner. Totally redone all road and terrain of that zone.
    Deeper runoff area at Ferro di Cavallo.
    High yellow kerbs inside some corners to avoid shortcutting.
    Billboarded crowd, marshals and 3d grass.
    Marshals protective fencing.
    Slighly banked road of ESSE Veloce.
    Renewed outside detail, expecially racetrack entrance and parking.
    I've included a separate .cam file that matches real tv camera positions during race weekends. (Long layout only)

    1.2 Update (and Conversion FOR GTR2) done by Elwood.

    Changelog 1.2:

    Added 1.8km short track. (CIGS)
    Corrected few elevations and banks.
    Fake ambient occlusion on buildings and terrain (multimapping/render2texture)
    Huge graphic update (both 3d and 2d) to 2009.


    The Varano Track staff and administrators.


    The "Varano de Melegari" track for rFactor/GTR2/Race07/GTLegends (all textures* and all 3D models\objects) are property of Giovanni Mangione & Gabriele Bonora, logos and TM are property their of respective owners.

    *Trailers, mesh&tex are property of Simbin.
    *Crowd textures are property of Image Space Inc.

    //The conversion to other games/engines, any kind of reverse engineering or editing this track IS NOT PERMITTED!!//


    Enjoy it!

Recent Reviews

  1. Zenobius
    Version: 1.3
    Nice job! Love the flag stations.
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