Kartodromo Lages beta 2016-08-15

Kartodromo Lages beta

  1. Rodrigo Casaces
    Kartódromo Brasileiro
    Lages - SC

    Kartódromo recém inaugurado, pista com cerca de 1.080 metros. Localizado no Brasil, estado Santa Catarina. Possui dois layouts.

    Em fase beta, com alguns bumps a ser acertado e zebras para ser trocado.
    Latitude 27°49'0.08"S
    Longitude 50°15'35.30"O


    1. kcl_lages01.jpg
    2. kcl_lages02.jpg
    3. kcl_lages03.jpg
    4. KCL LAGES.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. taylajee
    Version: 2016-08-15
    It is very fun to drive carts on this track. However, the textures need some improvement. Otherwise, really good.
    1. Rodrigo Casaces
      Author's Response
      i am work on it.
  2. ThatRacingGuy
    Version: 2016-08-15
    could you please remove the rfactor textures?
    1. Rodrigo Casaces
      Author's Response
      Hi thanks for your feedback, i do not know how to do this, but im looking for.
  3. julien2324
    Version: 2016-08-15
    great work !!!
    question : do U have a tuto rial to make track in rf2 or AMS ?
    i known 3ds max well as a 3d Architectural Info...
    thanks a lot
    1. Rodrigo Casaces
      Author's Response
      Well, no. I am Just an amateur. Basicly i' m using Bob track builder.
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